Tuesday, 15 December 2009

End of Year BBQ

Last night we went to Noah's end of year BBQ at Newstead Heights. It's always a nice night to catch up with the other families from the school. This year was extra special as they had the official opening of the beautiful new water feature that has recently been installed in the playground, and were also saying goodbye to Jeremy who was leaving the school.

The couple who donated a lot of money for the water feature were there, and were presented with a gift from the school. I knew the ladies face from somewhere and she came up and said hi and told me she used to go to the gym at theogenes and last time she saw me I was pregnant with Kobe. The kids loved playing in the water and the guy said that he had thanks enough just seeing the kids reactions as they watched and played with the water.

The reason they donated money to the school was that years ago the man's brother attended the school. He also said it was 'just the start' and wants to do more to help the school out which is lovely.

Kobe copied all the big kids who were putting stones on top of the water spouts and making the water spray out everywhere.

He was having the best time getting sprayed by the water.

The boys had fun playing with the other kids who had come along.

They also thought it was fun to have a turn on the liberty swing.

Noah went to early learning with Luca since he was a newborn. It's nice that they are still in the same class at school together for part of the week. Luca is always happy and smiling and just loves life.

It was lovely to be able to catch up with some of the families. We talked to a couple of families about getting together a bit more over the holidays at the school, so the kids can see each other and use the liberty swing at the same time.

We decided it was time to head home when Kobe came over absolutely drenched from playing in the water feature, and Harri was absolutely covered in sand. Lucky we were only a 2 minute walk from home!


  1. I'm glad the weather was nice - ish. Kobe looks like he was having THE best time. He looks really chuffed with himself - like 'I got to play in all that water without getting into trouble.' :)

  2. I like Harri's shirt ;)

    That's not the swing I broke. There's one in the St Giles playground as well. And, just to clarify, I only broke the lock in the back of the swing, not the actual swing. I'd have to be pretty fat to break a swing that can hold a wheelchair and a body! My goodness!

  3. Looks great =)
    That pic of Kobe laughing with his hand on the water jet thingy is the next "smile" photo for sure!!

  4. that water feature is great.
    looks like the boys had a blast, especially kobe with all that water....your boys are so cute.

  5. That water feature looks great - and Kobe has the right idea keeping cool! There's a liberty swing at the park in Hobart near the DEC on the foreshore too - what a great idea.

  6. And a good time was had by all.
    It is a beautiful water fountain and fun to play with as well. I would love one in my garden.
    Love Mum.

  7. Hey Lisa who were the ones who donated the money? Are they still at Theogenes? We wanted to go but it was Amelia's leaver dinner and Ryan didn't get home till 6 so it was a quick change then a trip to take Amelia out! Looks like a good night.

  8. Visit your lovely site here to say have a great day, keep smiling and all the best

  9. Ange - no they aren't at Theogenes anymore. It is the lady in the photo with the fountain , closest to the fountain with blonde hair - next to the guy with the blue shirt. She stopped going about 2 years ago and now does boot camp.
    It was a fun night - I was wondering why you guys weren't there. Pauline was there for a bit with Ben too.


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