Monday, 7 December 2009

Family Christmas Night

This year lots of my family are going to be away on Christmas day. Steph and Eden will be in Sydney, Chrish will also be in Sydney and Becky and Jared will be in Glen Huon. We haven't had a family tea for ages so we thought we should all get together and so something Christmasy before everyone went away. Last night we all went out to Mum and Dad's and had a lovely BBQ.

It was great to see everyone - it seems like forever since we had caught up. Nicki's tummy has expanded a lot since the last time we saw her - and no it isn't from all the Christmas food already! Only 6 weeks now till her baby is due.

I love seeing all the grand kids together, especially the girls. It's so nice to have the three girls at the same age. They love playing together.

The kids all helped Mum decorate their Christmas tree.

I couldn't stop laughing at how bottom heavy it was as their little arms could only reach a certain height. They had put a lot of candy canes in one spot!

Jay got the exciting job of putting the star on top of the tree since he is the eldest grandchild. Harri did tell us the night before that it was Grandpa's job though as 'he is the boss of the house'.

While we were at Mum and Dad's we were all talking about how it's nice to go and look at the Christmas lights, but it's so hard as well as you have to wait till around 9/9.30 pm when it starts getting dark and the kids are really tired and cranky by then. It was the perfect opportunity to do a driveby of a couple of houses with Christmas lights on the way home, as the boys were all wide awake and excited about being with their cousins.

Harri was SO excited about it and kept saying 'this is the best day ever!!!'. Show him a few Christmas lights and he is a very happy boy.

Noah's special school just up the road from our house has some huge big lights on their big tree in the school yard. Harri spotted it as we were driving home and was so excited about it. It looked really beautiful.

Once school finishes we hope that we can go out one night and see a lot more of the lights this year as we didn't do it last year because Kobe was still really tiny.


  1. I can't believe Nicki only has six weeks to go, where has the time gone? Oh thats right it is almost Christmas!

  2. Looks like fun! I am loving the bottom heavy tree =P

  3. Sounds like at the end of a family dinner together you went on a shooting spree lol
    It was a great night wasn't it?
    Love Mum

  4. It really was quite peaceful wasn't it? All the cousins got along well. I think Maddi was one of the main culprits of putting a line of candy canes at the bottom of the tree. Good you got to check out the lights.

  5. Sounds like a fun night! Goodluck with the lights watching Amelia and I tried to find some after Young Women's last night and they were very scare. Lots of places are not doing them this year that have in the past.


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