Thursday, 3 December 2009

End of an Era

Last night Aaron went to his schools grade 10 leavers dinner. It has been a big year for Aaron being the grade 10 grade leader as well as the prefect coordinator. He always gets really close to the students and cares a lot about them and what is going on in their lives, so when they leave at the end of the year he always misses them a lot. This year he is really going to feel it when they leave as he has worked so closely with them all and also planned and went on the footy trip to Melbourne with a lot of them.

It's a strange feeling for me with them leaving grade 10 this year as well, as a lot of them I actually taught in Kindergarten. It's hard to believe that my cute little kinder kids are now all grown up and at their leavers dinner!

From what I can see and hear about Aaron, he is a great teacher. He loves the students and really shows them that he is interested in their lives by getting to know them. He loves teaching and it shows by how he is also just like 'one of the boys' whenever I see him with his students. It makes me laugh when he has his 'teacher voice' on and they are all sitting quietly listening to him as I still actually find it hard to believe he is a teacher.

He came home late last night saying he had a great time and it was a really good night.

His cousin's daughter is in grade 10 this year. It's funny hearing her call Aaron 'Mr King'. It won't be long until Jalen is in high school - that is a scary thought!

Next year should be a lot quieter for Aaron at school as they are wanting him to be back on a class teacher as they have said they 'need more teachers like him back on class' (when you are grade leader you don't have your own class teacher group). I'm sure whatever he does next year he will love it. Every year it is the same - he says he is sad that the year is ending and 'next year won't be as good as this year', but it always is.


  1. They look SO much older than we did in Grade 10!
    I can't stop smiling at that photo of Kobe in the Christmas hat on your header - that boy is THE cutest!

  2. I wish we had teachers like Aaron at my school!! He sounds like he is a good one!! Nice shirt too ;)

  3. I bet they love him just as much. He even looks like an awesome teacher... you know how some people just have that look???
    Love your new's gorgeous!!!

  4. First time posting :) Just wanted to add kudos to Aaron, having a 15yr old son I appreciate the value of such wonderful dedicated teachers. Huge kudos to Aaron for caring about our amazing youth of today!!

    Love your blog!

  5. The hall looks fantastic - way better than mine did for my leavers dinner.

    When did year 10 kids get so small?

    Leavers Dinner time but be exciting for you because it means that Aaron will be on holidays soon - yay!!

  6. A good teacher makes a huge difference, especially in the last few years of high school when you are make some big decisions about who you are and who and what you want to become in your future. We definitely need more teachers like Aaron who care and connect with the students, he'll never know just how much influence he has had on them.

  7. is the girl with aaron in the first pic called eliza?? looking good aaron..time for a transfer !! thinking of.....riverside maybe??

  8. yes that is her. I taught her in Kinder. I think she would've been at early learning when Gaz was there.

    Thanks 'T' for visiting and your comment :)

  9. I'm still scared of the grade 10's at my school...hahaha

  10. yeah it was about the same time we were thinking off names for our eliza..she was such a sweet girl.. i loved the name more because off herxxx


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