Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The 'Gutter Girl' reunion

Last Friday before Noah got sick I sent him off to school and Harri, Kobe and I headed to City Park. We were looking forward to a catch up with Bec and Lynne and three other girls that we went to Don College with us -19 years ago!

Fiona drove up from Burnie, and Angela came up from Hobart with Carli who had flown down from Alice Springs for their high school reunion. At Don we all ended up being friends as my cousin Penny had her friends from Ulverstone High and I had my friends from Deloraine High and we all got to know each other. We called ourselves the 'gutter girls' as we used to sit along the gutter every day - doesn't sound like something you want to be called though hey!?

The kids had a lovely play in the park together. Kobe loved the slide...

until he discovered the mushroom toilet with Fiona's daughter, Meg. Then they spent the rest of the time going in and out to play. Kobe kept pretending to wash his hands in between being dragged out over and over again. I think we will be avoiding City Park if the mushroom toilet is the most exciting there in Kobe's eyes! :)

It was nice to see Bec with little Thomas. He hasn't changed much yet - just gotten very chubby and even cuter.

Lynne's boys are always so cute.

Luke was being so cheeky when I was trying to take photo of him.

The papparazzi was out in full force and it wasn't even me this time!

We got Harri to take some group photos for us and were cracking up at his attempts for a photo. He kept laughing when he saw what the photo looked like after he took it.

After about ten blurry ones and others with different people cut out, he finally got a half decent one where we are at least looking in the same direction.


  1. That is so funny that you hung out in the gutters cause I did too!!!

  2. Love the before pick. Check out all the perms!!

  3. No more gutters for us - now we're grown up we sit on the fence!!

  4. Gutter girls haha.
    I LOVE the new header!! The boys are just gorgeous!! =)

  5. Waht a great time you all must have had catching up... Ahh you have to love looking back and re unions.... nostalgia....


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