Monday, 14 December 2009

Visiting Daddy at Work

This morning while Harri, Kobe and I were leaving the gym, we noticed lots of teenagers walking past in big groups. I suddenly remembered that today was Aaron's school's walkathon that he had been organising so we pulled over to ring him, to see if he was close by. They were walking from school to the Gorge for a swim and a BBQ, and then back to school again.

Aaron was almost at the Gorge as he was one of the first groups to leave. It was a really nice sunny morning, so we decided to quickly go home and grab our bathers so we could go up and visit him and have a paddle in the pool.

Harri ran straight to the pool and into the water and then started yelling 'it's freeeeezing!!!'.

Kobe didn't care at all that it was freezing and went straight in as well.

He kept walking right to the other side of the pool, and didn't care at all as it got deeper and deeper and almost up to his mouth!

He has no fear at all which I don't think is always a good thing. He cracked up laughing whenever Harri splashed him.

With so many kids there from school (and another school group from a different school) it was hard to spot Aaron in the crowd as he looks just like one of the boys.

The boys were excited to have a bit of a splash with him, before he had to go off and supervise the kids.

It's funny hearing all the students call out to the boys as they all know their names. All the girls kept watching Kobe and saying 'ohhh he's soooo cute', and wanted to play with him.

It was nice to also catch up with Gillian and Jade. Jade was very lucky as she was called in for a day of relief 'teaching'. I think I should start putting my name down to do some relief teaching if you get to do fun things like walkathons and get paid! ;) Harri was very excited to go and see Aaron while he was working. As we were driving there he kept saying 'I want to see Daddy because I 'wuv' him so much'.


  1. Reminds me a little of when we used to work together and go to the park with the kids!

    Love that last photo of Harri

  2. Look at that red hair!!
    Love Mum.

  3. Dad really did look like one of the boys. Cool!

  4. Harri is looking more mature in the face of late. I wonder if Kobe will have all the girls flocking around him when he gets to High School?!

  5. That's the best relief teaching day ever!

  6. Better be careful or the boys will think Aaron never does any work at school. LOL.


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