Saturday, 12 December 2009

Cousin Catch Up

This week has been very busy with things on at school and also catching up with my cousin Penny. Penny is from Tassie, but has lived in the US for a long time now with her husband and four kids. Every couple of years or so she is able to come home to catch up with family and friends. This week I was able to catch up with her twice - the first time was on Tuesday with Jacquie as we all met at City Park.

Callum was sad that Harri was at school for the day, but he still loves playing with Kobe. I keep telling Jac he needs a little brother or sister to play with as he loves playing with Kobe so much ;)

It was lovely to see Penny. Last time she was home she just had the oldest two kids - Sam and Ella. Now she has two more little ones - Owen and Elliot.

Sam is Harri's age and it wears me out just seeing her with four kids so young. It would be like me having Harri and then another three after him! She loves it and is a great Mum, but boy am I glad it is her and not me! :)

It was so cute hearing her kids with their American accents.

On Thursday we caught up again - this time with Lynne and also Ange who drove up from Hobart again. Penny was also part of the 'gutter girls' at Don and was sad that she just missed out on their 20 year high school reunion by a week or two. It was so good to catch up and good to hear that Penny's accent had become more Australian just in a couple of days. I personally know how easily you can pick up the American accent when you live there. To us Penny sounds very American, but I bet back over there they would think she sounds very Australian. Sam did a great job of taking some photos for us.

She is here for 5 weeks, so hopefully we can catch up again a few times before she flies back 'home' to the USA.


  1. cool, great to see some pics of Penny! I didnt realise her kids were all so young! Crazy! 5 yrs in America for me and no US accent! Dont do it Penny, dont lose the Aussie accent!!!

  2. Oh wow - all I keep thinking is how brave - on a plane all the way from the US with 4 kids!


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