Tuesday, 22 December 2009

"We Had Better Start Doing Something Better With Our Lights'

...is what Jalen told us last night as we went out looking at Christmas lights. We always love going out looking at Christmas lights every year, and Aaron gets very festive and always puts up icicle lights near the front door. It's very understated and simple, but we love it when we drive home late at night and we can see the Christmas tree lights through the front window and the icicle lights out the front.

Every year Aaron says we need to get more lights and go out a bit more, but I always dampen his enthusiasm saying they are too expensive to buy and a pain to put up all the time. Instead we just go out and admire everyone elses. Well some of us do - Noah decided to sleep for most of the time which was a good thing as it saved us getting him in and out of the van all the time.

We usually go and look up Summerdale way, but we had a job to do at Ravenswood first, so we decided to go up there and check things out while we were there. We will definitely go there next year and give Summerdale a miss. There were lots of houses really close to each other that were incredible!

One house had lights ALL over their front lawn, flashing away!

The boys loved it and Kobe even got into it going 'oooooh, aaaah' as he copied the boys.

As we drive past one house Jalen spotted the flashing light sign that said 'more lights out back' so we followed the crowd and went around to their back yard. In the front they had an incredible display with huge inflatable 'white boomers' and all.

Out the back it was even more amazing. They had a moving Santa who carried a tray with lolly pops on the top. As the kids would go over to it to get a lolly pop the Santa would spin around and take off. The boys thought it was hilarious.

There were lots of other inflatables in their backyard,

and even an inflatable, moving carousel,

and a beautiful little lit up village.

There were lots of people around and everyone was going on about how lovely it was.

Kobe hadn't had a sleep all day except for 5 minutes in the car at lunch time so we were surprised that he lasted until about 10pm! He is one little man who really hates to miss out on anything.


  1. Oh wow - we'll definitely be heading up there for a look - good find!

  2. OOh AAh!!
    Really pretty.
    I will definately go see the lights around Launnie next year.
    Love Mum.

    what about their carbon footprint??.

  3. What the heck?! In Ravo?!!!

    That is amazing...who could really be bothered doing that? I'm glad some people do because I couldn't!

    And where do they store it all?

    How awesome, I want to go and see it!!

  4. So funny about Jalen's comment!!!! lol Like Toni, I don't think i could be bothered doing it either - and I would get sick of everyone driving by all night!!!! lol But they are Awesome to go and see - and you always come home feeling even more Christmasy!!!

    Hope you have a great Christmas Lisa - I love reading you blog and always admire your honesty and down to earth approach. Merry Christmas xx

  5. Looks like a fun night out.

  6. Tone - I know!! Ravo is the last place we thought of going but we had to go up there to drop something off. We will probably only go up there next year as there were lots of amazing houses close together.

  7. Hey Lisa
    What was the address for the house with the lights out the back?
    I was not going to take the kids out BUT I might make a trip out to that house.

  8. Ange - it's definitely worth the look. I think the street is Faraday street. If you go up Lambert Street (it's like the main street that runs up to the right past the shops there) then you will see two houses really close to each other lit up. If you keep going up past them I think it turns into Lambert street and its up there and on the right.


  9. I am always worried that all those lights would catch on fire and the house would burn down. I'm definitely up for looking at other people's houses though!! :)

  10. LOL at Jalen.
    Im the same as Simone- always freaking that the house will catch on fire!! They look cool as though!


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