Monday, 12 November 2007

Morning Smile

Most mornings we have to drag Noah out of bed asleep, so we can get him ready before we have to go out. He sleeps in our bedroom and during the night he wakes up once or twice, and I get up to turn him over. He will then usually wake up early (around 6-6.30am) with a big smile, but then be back to sleep within 10 minutes.

Yesterday morning he was wide awake and ready for the day. Having a hospital bed is great as we can change his position easily by putting the head of the bed up etc. Yesterday he sat up in bed all morning like he was the King, with a big smile on his face.

I like those mornings - when he is wide awake with a big smile. It usually means we are going to have a happy day with him.


  1. What a great smile! It can make your day when you see them happy.

  2. Noah has such a great smile. Love to see him happy.


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