Thursday, 29 November 2007

Leaver's Dinner

Last night was the grade 10 leavers dinner for Kings Meadows High. It was at the casino and Aaron had been up there all day with other teachers setting up for it. He had also made the leaver's DVD clip which was going to be shown last night and also tomorrow at the leavers' assembly. One of the other teachers that he is good friends with picked him up, so we joked that they were going on a hot date.

All the teachers keeping an eye on things.

He got home after 11pm and said it was a really good night. Because has had a lot to do with the grade 10s this year I have gotten to know a few of their names and faces, and it was nice to see the photos this morning of them all dressed up.

One of the boys!

With the head prefect boy

More prefects

The African girls who gave Aaron a lovely present
to thank him for everything he has done for them.

Today they were off to the beach (Hawley) for their end of year 'picnic, and tomorrow is their last day. You would think most teachers would love it once the grade 10s leave as it means school is a lot quieter until the rest of the kids break up before Christmas, but Aaron is dreading it. He says it is really boring.

The other day he got a lovely card and present from one of his students and his Mum. The Mum thanked Aaron for 'seeing things that others couldn't see' which was nice. It is so nice that he finally has a job that he absolutely loves. When we first got married he hated his work and couldn't see any way out of it. He now tells his students that it is never too late to do anything you want in life and that there is nothing stopping you.


  1. so fun! He looks like the kind of teacher that Id wanna be if I was teaching! What subject does Aaron teach? And the boys hairdos!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL - I don't even notice the boys hairdos anymore - long and shaggy is definitely the go at the moment.
    This year Aaron teaches Maths and IT. He also teaches Science and Sport Skills other years. He isn't sure what he will be taking next year yet, but it definitely be Maths and one or two other subjects.

  3. Sounds like Aaron has quite a fan club!! It's nice to know that there are some inspirational and still cool teachers out there who are really making a difference in these youngins lives.

  4. Aaron must be a wonderful teacher, you can tell by the pictures that the kids really love him.


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