Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Everyone is happy

When Noah is well and happy, everyone is happy! We love this time of they year as it is usually when Noah's health is at its best and he is really happy most of the time. Except for not being able to breath because of his huge adenoids, he has been really good the past few weeks. We have been getting lots and lots of smiles.

We usually get a smile out of Noah every day, but on the days that he isn't feeling so well we have to work really hard at it if we want one. Lately if you just go up and talk to him he breaks out in a huge grin. Check out his tan! Noah has the nicest skin that tans so fast. He has little brown knees too as his AFO's (foot splints) come up past his calf muscles, so he has a little tan just on his knees.

Last night he was sooooo happy that at 10.30pm when Aaron put him to bed, he started to arch back and stiffen up, and let out a little squeal in protest as he didn't want to go to bed. I told him that it was time to go to sleep and after a few minutes he settled down and must have went to sleep - at least I know that I did! :)

It made us remember the days when he wouldn't sleep at all, or one of us would have to lay down with him and rub him and tell him 'shhhhh' so he would settle down to sleep. Sometimes it would take up to half an hour to settle him down, and then as soon as he would fall asleep and we would move away he would wake up again and start arching and crying. We complain that he goes to bed too late (whenever we go to bed), but we are very lucky compared to what he used to be like. It is nice to have him so happy and settled and arching in bed because he is so happy and wants to stay awake!

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  1. I love to see Noah's big smiles. He looks great and it is funny to hear you talk about him getting tan since it is winter here.


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