Friday, 9 November 2007

Cranky Harri

After the gym this morning, Harri and I went to the park to meet some old friends - Tracey and Simone. We did our prenatal classes together way back when I was pregnant with Jay. There is a group of 6 of us who went through together and when our first kids were all little, we used to get together very regularly (once a fortnight). Our kids all grew up knowing each other and going to each other's birthdays and it was great having friends who had babies the same age.

When I first started the prenatal classes I remember the midwife saying that we would probably all end up being good friends, but I remember thinking that I didn't think we would as we didn't have very much in common. Once our babies were all born (6 weeks apart from the oldest to the youngest one which was Jalen) we all did become really good friends. We used to get together for lunch and would compare which baby was sleeping well, who wasn't feeding well and talked about all the stuff that new Mum's do.

Since our eldest kids have all started school, we haven't been able to get together so regularly but we still keep in touch and catch up from time to time - now it is usually only about twice a year. We were saying today though that it just seems like we saw each other yesterday. Although the kids probably wouldn't even know each other any more.

Everyone now has two kids - except for Simone and I who have three. We have been through some good times together and also some sad times. One of the Mum's in the group lost her partner in an accident when her children were still very young. Noah was also born and Simone's third baby - Maddison was also born with a lot of health problems, and wasn't expected to live long, but is going to be starting school next year!

We now sit around and have a good laugh about our kids at school and what they are up to. Today Harri wasn't feeling very well, so he was very cranky at the park.

He played with Tracey's son - Joe for a little while, but most of the time he just wanted to sit on my knee. He is now resting on my bed watching 'The Incredibles' on DVD.

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