Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I just got back from tea with 'the girl's' - Pip and Bec. We decided it was time to go out for tea again so that we could try out the new Greek restaurant. We wanted to go their last time we went out, but we chose to go out on the only night it was shut! We have definitely found another favourite. We will have to add it to our other two favourites - Suwan Thai and Prickly Cactus (Mexican).

The food was so good and it was also very reasonably priced. Bec and I were saying we have similar (good) taste in food as we often end up getting the same thing. Tonight we both had 'mixed gyros' which was lamb and chicken with pita bread, salad and yummy Greek potatoes.

Pip had a spinach and feta pie which she said was also really yummy.

Now I just hope that the 'morning' sickness stays away enough for me tonight to keep it all down! :(


  1. Where is this restaraunt? I wouldn't mind trying it some time. Is it open for lunches?


  2. Yummy, that food looks great

  3. Noodles - it is in Brisbane street - just down from the Princess Theatre - where Montezuma's used to be. It is really good. You should go there and try it. I'm not sure if it is open for lunches - just give them a ring and check.

  4. Yummy, the food looks great! Will have to give it a try sometime.

  5. hmm it does look great, but anything does when your on a drip



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