Friday, 2 November 2007

Blown Away

Yesterday Bella's parents, Justin and Lisa went to Kings Meadows High and were presented with the $1000 cheque that the students raised to help Bella with her liver transplant. The Examiner came and did a story and took photos, and it appeared in the paper today.

Justin and Lisa were actually 'high school sweethearts' at KMHS so they were saying how touching it was that the school raised so much for them. Last weekend over 550 people attended the Gala Dinner for Bella, including her Dr from Melbourne. They told Aaron that their family had arranged it all without them knowing and they couldn't believe how the community is so generous and willing to help them out.

Supposedly a couple of weeks ago Bella was on a TV show called 'The Gift'. We missed it, but Lisa was telling Aaron that the show is going to follow Bella right through the process of receiving her new liver and how it goes afterwards, so she will be back on the show again. Now they just have to wait for a liver to become available. It is sad to think that one person's tragedy, saves another one's life but it must also be wonderful for the donor family to know that their loved one's life, also helps another.

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