Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tea with friends

Today is Gillian's actual birthday. To celebrate lots of her good friends all went out for a counter meal. The boys were very excited when we were telling them that we were going 'out' for tea. Harri wanted to go as soon as the boys got home from school!

We went to the Commercial Hotel. I knew what Aaron would have chosen without even looking at the menu, a t-bone steak. I got my usual when I go out for a counter meal - a seafood platter.

The boys thought it was great being able to choose whatever they wanted off the kids menu. Jalen was excited as he got to choose two things as the kids meals were only $2 per meal and only an extra $2 for chips and salad.

Aaron had a great time catching up with Sam. In the end I had to drag him away, so we could get the boys home to bed! Of course they talked sport all night :)

It was nice being able to celebrate Gillian's 50th again with her.


  1. Was that a pregnancy top u were wearing?? I can't believe Gillian is 50. Wow she certainly does not look it.

  2. Ha Simone! No it wasn't a maternity top, but the fashions this year are great as they are all the baby doll style tops that are in, and are great for expanding tummy's :)

  3. Looks like a great evening, that food looks yummy.

  4. Lisa, you are looking great! Looks like you all had a fun time. I had to laugh when I read what you and Aaron ordered as Colin always has stake and I always have a seafood platter/basket when we go out for a counter meal.

  5. All you guys do is eat yummy food like almost every night!!!!! Can I come stay with you?

  6. ha ha Carli! I was thinking that everyone will think all I do is go out for tea all the time! I wish! :)

  7. Lisa I love ur blog and pictures! It so beautiful! You are one busy family!!! Much Love Dani & ^Pauli^


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