Saturday, 3 November 2007

Mexican Night

This afternoon we went out to Mum and Dad's for tea with the family. We would usually have it on the first Sunday of the month, but because Eden is down from Sydney we decided to have it a day earlier so we could all catch up with him. He came back from his fishing trip last night.

The boys were very excited all night. It is always chaos when all of the grandkids are together. We missed Chrish, Steph and Chloe. Hopefully soon we can all have a family meal with everyone there.

Jay gave everyone a sneak preview of his Christmas Parade moves that he will be doing with his school on the 24th of this month. Kelsea thought it was fantastic and kept clapping and dancing along with him!

Maddi was excited to see Grandma and was taking books over to everyone all night for them to read to her. It was very cute.

For tea we decided on a Mexican theme so we all brought along something Mexican. There was sooooo much food, but it was very yummy.

Noah decided he didn't want to sit in his wheelchair any longer (another cranky day :( ) so Maddi jumped in it instead.

After tea the boys jumped in the bath and the girls had a great time splashing around with them.

The boys discovered a boomerang in Grandma's toy box so Eden decided he would take it outside with the boys and give them a demo on how they work. Eden came to the conclusion when he couldn't get it to come back to him that it was just a 'tourist' boomerang! I doubt he could get any boomerang to come back to him ;) Of course Jay had to end up throwing it on the roof. Harri thought it was funny to aim it at the windows. I don't think he quite got the concept of what it was supposed to do!

The boys were very excited when I asked them if they wanted Uncle Eden to come home to our house. Harri kept jumping around yelling 'yes, yes, yes!'. Lucky Eden gets to sleep on the bottom of Jay's bunks tonight before I take him to the airport in the morning. It has been great catching up with him.


  1. Lisa, you will have to tell Jared that we just had Mick and Emily Falconbridge staying with us for the week. It turns out Mick and Jared served together in SA.... see if he remembers him. Ill post some pics on my blog soon....

  2. Looks like a great evening. Family and food what more can you ask for.


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