Friday, 23 November 2007

Aaron's emotional day

This morning Aaron left for work saying it was going to be a sad day. It was the last day that he was going to be with his class teacher group before they leave school next week. He has been with the same class teacher group the whole three years he has been teaching, and now they are in grade 10. He loves his class and is always talking about them and the things they get up to. This time every year he talks about how it is sad that the grade tens are leaving as he always teaches grade ten classes and gets to know the students well. This year is the hardest for him as it is his class teacher group leaving.

Today during class teacher all of his class presented him with a cool card that they had made with their photos collaged all over it. Everyone had written something to him and many of them said how he was not only their teacher but also their mentor and friend. Someone also wrote that he was the 'biggest Mad Dog/streeter', which I'm assuming is a compliment! :)

They also gave him a box of lindt chocolates (lucky for me as they are my favourite!!!:) and they all pitched in and got him a gift voucher from a sports shop in town. Aaron said that after they gave it all to him he went to talk, and after about three words he started to tear up. He said that he looked around and a few of the students had some tears as well.

To celebrate the end of the year with the prefects and thank them for all their hard work during the year, Aaron and another teacher got to take all the prefects ten pin bowling today. On the way back to school they all stopped at McDonalds for lunch.

Aaron said it was a very emotional day. Now he just has to get through next week, and their Leavers Dinner next Wednesday night.

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  1. Aaron has a big heart. No teacher that I know of was that special to really care about students. Hang in there Aaron, you will have more students to watch grow and become adults..
    Dee Dee


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