Wednesday, 21 November 2007

'I've got a baby in my tummy!'

Harri has been so funny since finding out I am pregnant. Everyday he looks at my expanding tummy and says 'your baby is growing Mum'. It is his 'nice' way of telling me I am getting huge already!

Lately he has been putting his 'blankie' up his top and says 'I've got a baby in my tummy'. He then tells me that my baby is going to drink milk. It is very embarrassing when we are out and he pokes my boobs and says 'there's milk in there for the baby Mum!' (sorry to any guys reading again!!).

The other night Aaron was laying back on the couch and Harri looked at his little pot belly and asked him 'what is in your tummy Daddy - a baby?'. I couldn't stop laughing as I had been telling Aaron for a while that his tummy was expanding with mine! Don't you love how honest kids are!


  1. Well it's good to see you both growing together. Thats whats supposed to happen in marriage or so I've heard. hehe. j/k.

    You'll be huge by the time I see you again.


  2. Aren't kids perfect?
    There are heaps of really good picture books (which I am sure you already know about) about mummys having babies that Harri might like. My fav is 'There is a house inside my Mummy', I would loan you mine but it is packed and who knows when we will see it again. I also like 'Daddy's Having a Horse' which I used last year with my class (the boys used to put their balls under their shirts to be like me, it was quite cute though I don't thinks their mum's were impressed).

  3. I'm pretty sure we have the first book you mentioned Steph. Will have to pull it out for Harri. I think we got for Jay when I was pregnant with Noah.
    Aren't kids funny!?


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