Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Parade

Today was the Launceston Christmas parade. 60 kids from Jay and Noah's school were in the parade with the school, and the theme of their float was 'Santa Claus is coming to town'.

All the kids had to meet at the school before 8.30am to get their gear on and get their faces painted. Jay and Noah were in the yellow group, which meant I was also :) We put some yellow tinsel around the top of Noah's sunshade on his chair. Each group had their cheeks painted the same colour as their t-shirts.

The kids then caught a bus into town together. They were soooooo excited, and gave the parents a sneak preview before they left. Because Punchbowl Primary was the 4th float in the parade we had to be there really early. We had over an hour and a half to wait! All we heard all morning was 'when is it going to start!?'. While we were waiting for the parade I had to help supervise the yellow group. All of the kids were really good and just couldn't wait for it to start. Aaron and Harri also came into town an hour and a half early with Noah and I, and went shopping and then found a good spot to watch the parade from.

We finally got started. Noah and I were up the back of the yellow group with 4 other Mum's who were helping out. Unfortunately for me, the yellow group had to wear some sexy cowboy looking hats that had 'Merry Christmas' on them. I was hoping I could wear a regular santa hat like some of the other groups had!

The kids had learned different dance moves to go with the words of the songs. They did an excellent job. Jay is doing 'you better not cry' in this photo :)

On the back of each child's shirt was a phrase from the song. Yellow group had 'Santa Claus is coming to town' on theirs. The Mum who made them was very good, and remembered to put Noah's writing on the front of his shirt rather than the back.

There were so many people watching the parade, and I only saw Aaron and Harri when Aaron yelled out to me after we passed them. We saw lots of other people we knew, but also didn't spot a lot of people that I knew would be there - including Mum and Dad! I finally saw Mum on the way back to the start. She told me she saw Jalen but totally missed Noah and I! I don't know how anyone can miss his wheelchair :)

After the parade there was a children's carnival in civic square. We met Mum and Dad there and the boys had a great time getting free chocolates, colouring in books, crayons and little 'show' bags.

At the carnival they announced the prizes for the best floats. Punchbowl didn't win, but it was lots of fun for the kids to go in it this year. Jay said it was a lot more fun going in it than watching it.

At the carnival there were lots of characters wandering around and Harri couldn't stay away from the person dressed up in the dog costume! He kept going over and giving them a hi-5! I think he probably went over to it about 5 or more times. We finally dragged him away so we could go home. It was a really fun morning and nice that the boys could go in it this year.


  1. What a great day for the kids!

  2. The Christmas Parade was good this year. We missed the carnival kind of wishing we had gone now, looked like you guys had heaps of fun. Maybe they will have it next year.

  3. The parade looks like so much fun, really neat that Noah got to be apart of it along with the other kids.


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