Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Too hot

The weather the past few days have been really hot (especially for Tassie!). Yesterday it was 29 degrees in Launceston, and today I heard on the radio that it was up to 32 degrees. The perfect temperature for me is about 25 degrees. I don't know how people live in Queensland where it is warm all year round! Winter would be great, but I wouldn't be able to cope in Summer.

After school today I was thinking it would be nice to go for a swim. Windmill Hill is closed while they build the new centre, which means the next best place for the boys is the Gorge. I love going up there, but by the time you drive up there, have a swim and walk back up the hill and drive home you are exhausted and feel even hotter than before. Especially as I am usually dragging Harri up the hill, while Aaron is pushing the wheelchair. I also don't like that sometimes it is just too cold for Noah to go in for long anyway, and that means he is sitting on the side in the heat, which isn't very nice for him.

Last Summer was great as our friend (chiropractor) Naomi would let us use their pool whenever we wanted - even when they weren't home. I think we probably got more use out of their pool than they did as they were always at work. It was so nice and just a few blocks up the road. They just moved house last week, and she is also on maternity leave, so we are missing her and her pool a lot! :)

After school I asked the boys if they would like to pull out their old blow up pool. They were very excited and I think they had even more fun than going swimming at a real pool.

Noah came outside and chilled out on the swing. The water was just a little bit too cold for him to sit in it.

We have a 'bee sprinkler' which the boys love. You plug a hose into it and it sprays everywhere - in all different directions. The boys love running around through it trying to dodge the spray.

They thought it was fun to grab it and spray everyone with it!

It was so hot I thought I would even join in on the action!


  1. What a great way to cool off. Man Launy is even hotter than Westbury. Sexy Mama in her bathers!!

  2. Im gunna get a shock in 2 weeks after snow on the ground here all week!!! But the summer clothes are in the suitcases all ready to go! yay!!!!

  3. That bee sprinkler looks like FUN!

  4. so strange to see youguys swimming when it is cold here. Looks like fun

  5. I am soooooo jealous that you guys dont have water restrictions like us in Melbourne.. We are not allowed ANY outside water anymore. Last week we had 3 days of 38 - could have done with a splash in a pool...



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