Saturday, 10 November 2007

Backyard Cricket

With the cricket back on TV the boys have been inspired to pull out the cricket set, especially as it was such a nice day today. It seems like we just get rid of the AFL and cricket starts up!! Aaron loves it, but I can't stand cricket on TV unless it is a one dayer.

After tea tonight the boys went outside to have a hit. Harri was over it after a couple of bowls, and gave up on fielding pretty fast too. It was probably his elmo ugg boots slowing him down!

Jay decided to pull out his singlet and show off his huge Triffitt arms! I told him he needs to start coming to the gym with me to lift some weights. The other day though he told me that he 'wasn't skinny!!'. He wasn't very happy with me when I commented on how skinny he was. I told him to be glad as it may not always be that way. I remember I used to be skinny once too!


  1. Looks like fun but cricket is a sport I have never played or even have any idea how it is played.

  2. I know what you mean about watching the cricket, it is half a week into cricket season and I am already over it. Though I think watching your boys play is something I could handle :)

  3. They look like Triffitt arms to me! (Mason has them too, don't worry Jay).


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