Thursday, 15 November 2007


Lately Noah has been anticipating things a lot more. His aides at school have been doing 'round and round the garden' and 'this little piggy' and he has been actually waiting for the end of the rhyme with a little look like he is ready for tickle at the end, and sometimes he even a smile! They have been so excited.

He is also starting to even press his head switch on his own, to activate different toys. So far they have had the most success with using a CD player and also a bubble tube - a huge tube that has pretend fish in it and when it is turned on it bubbles and lights up different colours. They said that the other day he activated it about four times on his own!

Last night was the best night with Noah for a long time. He was laying on the floor and was really happy. I lent over to give him a kiss and he gave me a huge grin.

I then kept saying 'here I come Noah, I'm going to give you another kiss!' and he would look to the cheek that he knew I would be kissing and wait for it. When I would kiss him he would give me the biggest smile.

It went on for about 5 minutes - each time he kept on waiting for the kiss and then grinning.

And we were told we would never get any response from him! Pretty amazing for someone who is missing most of their brain!


  1. Noah has the greatest smile. So great to hear of his anticipating things that is wonderful, go Noah.
    And using a switch that is awesome. When Junior started using a head switch a whole new world opened for him.

  2. How great it is to hear of the positive expereinces that Noah is having. Their must be something in the water of late as it seems that Charlotte and Noah are going really well with the little things they can do. Or maybe they are having little chats together at school and comparing notes!

  3. That's excellent Lisa - it must be so exciting to see his progress and how much he enjoyment he is having.

  4. That is so beautiful Lisa...reminds me to focus on the little things in life, they are more important than anything else.


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