Wednesday, 14 November 2007

No bed today, Mum?

The past few weeks I have stopped Harri having an afternoon nap (if he does he won't settle down to sleep till after 9pm lately). Before he would have a nap every afternoon for about an hour and a half, but would still go to bed at 7.30pm and go straight to sleep. It was a nice quiet time for me, where I could get the housework finished in peace, or just relax or even have a nanna nap myself if I had had a bad night with Noah, the night before. Now that he isn't having a sleep every day he often comes to me and asks 'no bed today, Mum'?, checking to see if he has to have a nap.

Yesterday he came to me and asked 'no bed today, Mum?' and I told him no, that he didn't have to go to bed. He must have felt tired which is why he asked me if he had to go to bed, because half an hour later I found him like this on my bed again!

He probably only slept for 1/2 hour but woke up really happy and went to bed at a decent time, which was good.


  1. awww, Hattie never naps and still is a rotter with going to bed at a decent time!!!!

    Hey what's going on with Simone, havent seen her post since Oliver got tonsilitis. Is she ok?

  2. Hi Chels. Simone is fine - just that her computer died. She is hanging out to get it fixed so she can blog again.

  3. I love pics of sleeping kids, how cute. Glad the boys are feeling better.

  4. ohh good, glad she is ok, thanks for filling me in. Say hi for me and tell her i miss her!


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