Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kingy Cup and School Memorial Plaque

Today Kobe and I were invited to attend the Kings Meadows High School assembly to see a new memorial plaque for Aaron that had been placed on the wall in the gym, and also to present the 'Kingy Cup' to the grade nine class that won it this term.   The funniest thing was the girls who were treating Kobe like he was a rock star. They kept coming up giggling, saying 'oh he's soooo cute!' and he would wave and say  'hi' and they would giggle again.

I was looking forward to going along, but I don't think I realised how emotional I would feel to be there.  The last time I was at the school for something like that was for Aaron's memorial service.  I just felt so sad that Aaron wasn't at school where he really loved to be, and was even sad that the grade sevens never got to meet him. 

At the end of the assembly two students got up to tell the school that a plaque had been put up, which is why Kobe and I were attending the assembly that day.  This is what they said:

"Mr King was a legend of Kings Meadows High School and he has been sadly missed. This year and all of the years to come will not be the same without him. But he will be glad to know that everything he taught us, is helping us to cope and grow as students and people.
We would like to thank Mr King’s wife, Lisa and son, Kobe for being with us today to acknowledge just how important Kingy was to all of us. 
The main reason we are up here today is to make everyone aware that a memorial plaque has been placed on the back wall below the scoreboard, to honour the contribution Kingy made to Kings Meadows High School.  This spot was chosen because most of us would remember him for his love of sports. 
I’m sure Kingy would’ve loved us to have named the gym after him but unfortunately the naming rights have already been taken by L.A. Bonser. 
We hope that every time you see the plaque on the wall you are able to think of a great memory that you have of Mr King and are able to smile, because that is what he would’ve wanted".


Aaron would have been the grade nine Grade Leader this year, so they decided to have a 'Kingy Cup' in memory of him, where each grade nine class were able to compete in different challenges throughout the term.  The cup looked beautiful and I'm sure Aaron would've been very impressed with it, as it looked almost like the AFL Premiership Cup - just a smaller version :)

The Kingy Cup will be awarded to a class at the end of each term and at the end of the year, until the grade nines finish school next year.   Today it hit me that in two and a half more years none of the students at Kings Meadows High will even know Aaron anymore, and it made me so sad.

After the whole school assembly the grade nines stayed back so that Kobe and I could present the cup to the winning class.  This term Kobe and I awarded the Kingy Cup to 9A. 

It was nice to be a part of it, but very sad at the same time.  Oh how I wish Aaron was still there cracking jokes, stirring the kids, talking up Hawthorn and continuing to love his job as a teacher.


  1. The school and students are honouring your Husband in a great way, and I think it's beautiful how the students are witness to your grace and strength... Your little boy has such a dear, sweet, handsome face!!! Bet it gets smooched alot! :o)

  2. I'm so glad the school invited you and Kobe today. It's tough being there but a great way to honor Aaron. The new students to KM's may not know Aaron but his legacy will live on through the school and the wonderful community spirit he so obviously contributed to.

  3. It is a very good looking cup !!!!.
    I am so happy that the school is remembering Aaron in this way.
    Love Mum.

  4. A beautiful way to remember Aaron. It's so obvious how much they loved him.xxxx

  5. I am so fond of this school without even knowing anything else about it, just because of the way they have treated your husband's memory.


  6. How very special Lisa...(so very special for Kobe...those students may not know Aaron pesonally in 2 1/2 years like you say..but his legagy and memory will live on in the plague and cup...questions will be asked and answers given as to who Kingy was...his legagy will live on to inspire generations to come....

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