Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cross Country

A couple of weeks ago I had the first case of 'working mother's guilt' (is that even a term!?;) as Harri came home with the school newsletter which said that his cross country race was going to be on one of my work days. 

I have already felt awful this year that I haven't been able to go to his school assemblys, like I used to with all the boys, as they are held on one of the mornings that I am at work. I know how lucky I have been to be home full time for the past twelve years, as I know a lot of other parents don't get the opportunity to go to all of their kids school events, but it's especially hard having it change this year and not being able to be there all the time, with everything else that has happened.

Harri was great about it and understood that I couldn't come as I'd be at work, but we were so excited to hear that the cross country was going to be held in the afternoon - after I had finished work.  I was so happy that I could be there to watch him.

I surprised Kobe and picked him up early from daycare and we both went to watch Harri run.

It's so lovely to see him with his good friends from school.  He has a lovely friend Mia who is such a thoughtful little girl. She sent Harri a beautiful card before school started this year saying 'I'm sorry that your Dad died', which was so lovely.

Because Harri is in grade two this year, hisrace was last (it was just an early childhood carnival), so they got to cheer on all the other kids in their race first.

Harri was so excited and went really well.

He ended up coming fourth and was really happy.  I was just so happy that I could there to see him.  I know how lucky I am to have work, and also how lucky I was that I could be there too.


  1. I love your continued positive outlook. :) I'm glad you could be there too!!!

  2. well done Harri and I'm glad you could be there Lisa as I know you luv watching the boys have many memories of you snapping pictures as the boys ran. I remember the athletics carnival last year It was just before we left and you came to watch Jalen run and were rapt to see harri there as the class had come out to watch Keana as she was running with the big kids cause she was going to miss the junior carnival, as we left the next day. Sadly Noah had just passed away and you asked Harri did he want to come sit with you and he said no he was going to cheer Keana on with the class it was very sweet. You have Amazing boys and you are an amazing mum I luv reading your blog it reminds me everyday to take a moment and remember that my family are to be treasured and never to take them for granted. The Kids said to say hi to the boys xxx Ellie

  3. Way to go Harri! Glad you were able to make it and watch his race. Just another little blessing.

  4. Good for Harri! And it is a blessing that you got to be there for him. Definitely one of those tender mercies.


  5. You are such a great Mama Lisa! It must be so difficult, but you keep putting one foot in front of the other. Prayers and hugs to your family.

  6. Great Job Harri! Lisa you are amazing women, I am glad th at you were able to see his race. Just remember though, his Dad and brother won't miss those for the world. They are there cheering them on right next to you and if you can't be there, they still are. Our loved ones never miss events that are special to us.

  7. WOW, that last photo really shows how much he looks like his Daddy. Ok, so I don't know your family, but to me, he really looks like Dad.


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