Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Night Out

I was hoping that my lack of blogging yesterday didn't worry people.  I am planning on cutting back a bit on my blog (for me cutting back probably means blogging five times a week instead of seven! ;) and am planning on just blogging if I have time and have something I really want to record (for me this is still just my family 'journal' and I try to forget that a lot of people actually read it).   I just want to make sure people don't start wondering why I'm not posting as regularly, but know everything is okay.

Last night Mum came to stay, so I made the most of the chance to get out and went out for a lovely dinner with my three gym buddies - Kellie, Simone and Lisa.   Since I've started work we feel like we hardly see each other anymore, so it was lovely to catch up, have a beautiful meal together and have some laughs (excuse the crappy iPhone photos).

I probably need to clear up the facebook rumor that I went out and got a tattoo though! Lisa decided to 'check in' on Facebook and the 'Of Kings and Gods' tattoo parlour was next door to where we went for tea (Pickled Evenings) so it came up as a location.  She thought it would be funny to check in at the tattoo parlour instead, and all of a sudden we were supposedly 'getting some ink' which then ended up in me (supposedly) getting Noah and Aaron's names tattooed on my butt! It made us laugh as people really started to believe that I had it done (it probably didn't help that I did say on Facebook 'now I have Noah and Aaron with me forever').  I'm sure there are a few people out there who really believe that we were out getting tattoos, which made me laugh as that is the last thing I would do! 

I had to show the girls 'facejuggler' on my phone and we couldn't stop laughing at the hilarious combinations it came up with for us.  I had actually never seen Simone laugh so hard in my life.

We tried to get a photo of the four of us together to juggle but it was a disaster and wouldn't work.  We at least had fun cracking ourselves up.

It was so nice to go out for a few hours with some great friends and have some laughs with them. I think we all needed them.


  1. We all need our girlfriends! And laughter is a powerful force for healing, isn't it?


  2. Glad to see you out having some fun with your friends. That facejuggler looks like a hoot!

    And come on, show us the tattoo's on your butt ;))

  3. I'm lucky I didn't wet myself. ;) It was a great night and laugher is the best medicine - even when you aren't sick. :)

  4. Hahaha. You guys actually had me thinking you'd done it!! Wouldn't have cared either way though ;-)

  5. Your mum told me she was over that night. I'm glad you got out. It's great seeing you smile. :) (and knowing that you were having lots of laughs)


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