Friday, 4 May 2012

Hanging With Harri

I was excited to be asked by Harri's teacher if I would like to be parent help on an excursion with his class to Seahorse World at Beauty Point.  It worked out well as it happened to be on one of my days off work.  Mum came in to look after Kobe and yesterday we went on the long, noisy, but fun drive to Beauty Point.

We had never been to Seahorse world before, so it was nice to go with his class.

The kids had worksheets they had to fill in as they were looking around which kept them busy.

After we were shown where the seahorses were bred, there was an aquarium area where the kids could actually pick up the hermit crabs which they loved. Harri wouldn't go near them though, and I don't blame him! :)

After visiting Seahorse world we went to the beach and had our lunch, and then explored the beach.

The kids had a sheet to see if they could find or see something that started with each letter of the alphabet.

It was nice to hang out with Harri for the day and he was so excited to have me there. I'm sure he won't always be so happy to have me hanging around.

I was exhausted by the end of the day and so was Harri.  We had fun trying to get a photo of us pretending to be asleep, while the bus was shaking.

Hopefully he will want to hang out with me for a few more years yet, before he thinks he's too cool for it.


  1. With a Mum as amazing as you Lisa, I'm sure he will always want to spend time with you :) What a great day it looks like you had, I am so glad. Harri is so proud of you by the looks of things as I am sure Noah and Aaron will be too :) xxxxx

  2. looks like an awesome day. hopefully he'll be a mommas boy forever!!

  3. What a great day you have had. I'm sure Harri is going to want to hang out withyou for many years yet.

  4. I loved Seahorse World - especially learning that the boys have the babies. lol I'm so glad the two of you had fun discovering together.

  5. I have two boys (19 and 15)and they still want to hang out with me. You're such a great mother, i'm sure they want to hang out with you forever:))

  6. What a great way to hang with Harri :)

  7. So lovely that you got some one on one time together and I love the photos. Just beautiful!

  8. Harri is going to love and want to be with you forever, trust me.

    My son is 19 and still loves hanging out with Mom (and I am afraid when he says he never wants to move out!)

    Harri is such a sweetheart. Looks like you had a lovely day together.

  9. What a fun day for the both of you. I loved all the seahorses, too. The smile on his face with his head on your shoulder is precious. I'm sure he'll hang out with you for awhile longer.

  10. Harri looks like Jay in that 'sleeping' pic. You are such a beautiful Mum. xx

  11. I doubt he'll ever get to where he doesn't like spending time with you, even when he's a teenager. You're a cool mom!



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