Friday, 11 May 2012

Face Fun

Tonight the boys and I went to visit Aaron's Step Mum, Carrol for Mother's Day. We knew we wouldn't get there over the weekend as we are busy, so we thought we'd surprise them.   They were happy to see us and the boys love visiting them, especially as they know that Nanna will always make them a milo and give them biccies.

Kobe was showing them some of his games on my iPhone, and we thought it would be fun to show them FaceJuggler.   It was hilarious as we took pics and swapped the faces over.    Nanna and Pa hadn't seen anything like it before, and were cracking up laughing at the results.

Aaron's Dad and me...very scary! :)

Jalen and Pa....  Jay is looking very tired ;)

Harri and Pa.... I think this one was the funniest - Harri looks hilarious as a little old man.   He couldn't stop laughing when he saw it.

and Kobe and Pa....I know Kobe and Harri look alike but when I see their faces swapped like this I can see really how much alike they are.

It was fun to have a big laugh together.


  1. LOL! That is hilarious. I've not seen that before. I agree - I think the pic with Harry is the funniest. x

  2. Nice to see you and the boys laughing xxx

  3. Best laugh of the morning!! What a great way to spend quality time with an activity that appeals across generations!

  4. Those are hysterical! Maybe that's what everyone will look like when they get older!!! Glad you had fun swapping faces. I'd never heard of that program.


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