Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Tuesdays

Out of the three boys Jalen is struggling the most since Aaron died.   Most days he is really down, but Tuesdays he is a lot different.  On Tuesdays he has drama after school with LYTE (Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble - it used to be called Second Story) and then straight after that he goes to Mutual (youth group) at church.  He comes home so happy and excited to tell me all the fun things he did at both.

I look forward to Tuesdays (even though it's always a rush to get him places) as I know he is going to have a happy night.

I'm still amazed that he was able to be one of the lead roles in their production last year, especially as it was just a month after Noah passed away.  He was 'James' in James and the Giant Peach and he did an awesome job.  I'm so proud of him - not only for doing such a good job, but especially for doing it at such a hard time. 

We weren't able to take photos on the night, but at the end of last year we got a disc of photos that someone else had taken.  It's been fun to look back on them and remember the shows and what a great job all the kids did.

He loves his teacher and LYTE have been so lovely and generous to us as a family. We feel very blessed and I love that Jay has something to do that he enjoys so much.  It's nice to see him so happy - even if it is just for a couple of hours a week.


  1. What a great chance for him to become someone else for a bit...you're a lovely mum - dont forget that x

  2. Hey Lisa, May I say what a pleasure it is to have 'dave" at LYTE. He brings sunshine in the door with him when he enters Drama. He always takes risks...tonight he was a cow and a mum! western style and ballet/ opera! seriously had tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks.
    But later in class, as another group were up performing, I looked over to Jay and he had a big black cloud sitting on him, he must of felt I was watching him,he looked over, and we both smiled and nodded at eachother...recognising grief hits us at the most unexpected of times. we gave eachother a huge hug at the end!!I feel honoured to help this talented, bright, adorable young man as part of my drama family..Much love Lisa to you and your lovelies...<3

  3. Looks like he did a spectacular job as James! So glad he has his Tuesdays to do what he loves and forget about things for a time. He seems like a very great kid. Hugs to him and you all.

  4. And he did such an awesome job as James too. Such a heavy load for such young shoulders. He sure is amazing- definitely a King boy. xx

  5. So hope happy Wednesdays follow happy Tuesdays soon. Your courage is amazing. Sending you and your beautiful boys love. Cath

  6. Being creative is so healing, isn't it? I'm glad he gets a chance to do that.


  7. He truly is an amazing young man!


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