Saturday, 12 May 2012

More Mainlanders

Things are changing a lot this year, including my sister Nicki and brother in law Alex and their kids moving away.  Today they begin their new adventure as they have moved to Melbourne, as Alex takes up a new job.  It will be nice for Nicki to not have him away from home so much, but we will miss them all a lot.

Last Sunday while Nicki and Alex were in Melbourne looking for somewhere to live, we got together at Jared and Becky's house so the cousins could have one last play together.   I'm going to miss these cuties.

Linc giving Auntie Steph a cuddle.

 On Thursday night we had a girls night out  before Nicki left the next day (thanks Alison for babysitting!). 

We have already planned trips to visit them, and they will also no doubt come home quite regularly to visit, but it's strange to know that they are now considered to be 'mainlanders' after moving away from the best state! ;)

There's serious talk of Chrish moving home at the end of the year, so that will be nice to have him back home again after being a mainlander for so long.


  1. quick question for you...I just noticed that you have a "you might also like:" section below your posts...I tried setting that up for mine too a long time ago and gave up when I could not make it work...I tried again a day or two ago and I got the title and 'link within' link to show up but not links to the actual posts there some something I have to do besides what the basic tutorial shows for link within? I thought I followed the steps they said and am now confused! any suggestions?

  2. It is hard when someone we love choses to move away. I guess that is why I live 4 houses away from my parents and 6 from my in laws. Think of your family often and pray for you always.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Hi Lynne - the only thing I can think of is that maybe it's taking a while for the posts to actually show up? I remember it being like that when I first added the gadget - it took a while for it to register some posts and put them in, if that makes sense? Other than that I can't realy help sorry.

  4. It's really hard being away from family. Where in Melbourne will they be living?

  5. no problem ~ thanks for your input. I'll wait a couple more days & hope that's it! On the other hand murphy's law seems to always find me when I'm trying something new so...haha

  6. It's so hard when family moves away. I hope your brother does come home; it'd be so great for all of you.



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