Thursday, 24 May 2012

Laugher is the Best Medicine

It's so nice that Jalen is doing something that he enjoys so much still, and has something to look forward to during the week. He's been so upset since Aaron died, so it has been nice having him jump in the car after drama, excited to tell me about all the fun things they have been doing.

Last Saturday was their end of term show, and it was a comedy show.  Jalen was one of the MCs for the night and did a great job.  

They had been doing a lot of theatre sport type games to get prepared for it and the skits were all very funny.  Jalen was in a group skit which was a 'fairy tale three ways'.  They had to perform Jack and the Beanstalk three different ways including how Play School would do it. Jalen was the cow and cracked me up when he was acting like it was Play School going 'cows say 'moooo!' 'M'. 'O'.'O'.

Each of the kids had to write their own skit and perform it, and Jay decided to make his about accepting an academy award.  The video quality isn't great but I'm putting it up as it's a family memory that I know Jay will love looking back on in years to come.


  1. Funny video. And what a cute accent! (Of course, to you it is not an accent, but to me in the USA, it is a great one!)


  2. Way to go Jalen! (I too love his accent :)

    Glad this is an outlet that brings him joy. He is far braver than I!

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