Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Memorial Plaques

After two months of waiting and a lot of money (thank you again to all of those who donated money to us and made it possible to get exactly what we wanted) Aaron and Noah's grave markers are in the house instead of at the head of their graves at the cemetery.

Instead of markers they both now have beautiful plaques as they were finally placed today, as well as Noah's headstone.   Kobe and I went up to see them this morning just after they had been placed, and then all of us went up after I picked up Harri from school (Jalen has been home sick for a few days).

We actually had a lovely offer from someone who said their family had a business of making plaques and they wanted to make both of them for us for no cost.  Unfortunately they weren't able to do the pictures how I wanted them (with the picture being etched into the plaque) so we had to go through a company called Arrow

One night while Aaron and I had some time alone  after Noah passed away, we walked around the cemetery for about an hour just looking at other people's plaques.  We came across a lovely plaque which had the pictures etched in and we both straight away knew that was how we wanted Noah's to be.  We wanted to get Noah's plaque done but didn't really have the money to do it straight away, so we had been putting it off.  Now I'm so glad that we didn't do it straight away as the wording that I chose changed after Aaron died too.  I'm also so glad that we both chose what kind we wanted together, because it was stressful enough having to do it myself.

It was surreal sitting in the office at the cemetery, going through the photos and wording that I wanted  on the plaques knowing that I was organising one for Noah and Aaron.  I had talked it over with the boys and let them help me decide what to put on each one.  While we were at the cemetery one day Harri spotted a Collingwood logo on another plaque. He straight away said 'Dad is having that, but it's going to be Hawthorn!'.  I laughed at the time and didn't think I would do it, but after thinking about it I realised that Aaron would actually love it and it meant a lot to Harri to have it on there, so we went with it.

We are really happy with how they both look.  It's nice to have them there, but also strange at the same time to see them at the head of their graves.

Even though Noah's grave is now grassed it has unfortunately sunken with all the rain.  Supposedly it is going to be fixed again soon, but I guess that means that we may have to put up with having dirt a bit longer.

Thank goodness for Kobe who always keeps the mood light.  He saw me taking photos with my phone and decided to pull out some dance moves for me.

Harri didn't like that Kobe was getting some attention, so he thought he'd join in.  Kobe then decided to put his arm around him for a nice brotherly photo, but Harri didn't want that and got cranky with him and told him to go away.   This was the result! Two sulky, cranky boys!

This is how things usually end up at the cemetery - not because they are sad about Aaron and Noah, but because they are boys and both of them are so stubborn and head strong and want their own way.  Harri cracked up tonight when he saw the photo.  It looks totally like it could be set up, but unfortunately it's just the way the boys are :) I'm sure Aaron and Noah were probably laughing at them and me telling them off as we were walking back to the car.

It is nice to finally have the plaques at their graves, but it's also another thing that is very bitter sweet as it's something you never ever wish you had to organise for your son or husband.


  1. I love, love, love them, but not the reason why you had to have them done.
    That photo of Aaron is my favourite photo of him, he looks so handsome.
    I love Noah's as well, that is how I remember him.
    I am also glad that you have included that beautiful family photo that Fiona took.
    You have picked the perfect words to go on both.
    Again, I am so sad for you, because of what has happened in your life.
    Aaron would love his.
    It will be nice to look at their plaques when I visit them instead of just having their initials and surname.
    You did good Honey.
    I love you.
    Love Mum.

  2. Lisa the plaques are beautiful! The pictures of your family are really incredible! I am so glad that are finished and now you have one less thing to worry about. Much love to you all!

  3. Lisa they are just perfect. I think you would have two happy boys watching down on you. I wish for your sake and your boys you weren't going through this, I feel for you. You have always been a sweetheart and now I know where you get it from I love your mum's supportive and loving comments. xxxx

  4. Lis, they are both so beautiful. Yes you did do good xx

  5. These are the best plaques I've seen, they are so personal and beautiful with the etched photos and I'm so glad you included a family photo on each too. xxx

  6. Lisa, the plaques are just so beautiful. I started crying when I saw them. They are truly magnificent. What a blessing to be able to have the plaques you wanted in memory of your husband and son.

  7. Beautiful Lisa. Just beautiful. Such hard things you have had to do...

  8. They are so so perfect and beautiful. I wish they didn't exist but I'm so proud of you and I bet they are too. xo

  9. Both of the markers are absoutely beautiful and PERFECT!

  10. Lisa the plaques are absolutely beautiful. I have never seen anything like them. I just started crying when I looked at them. Totally amazing. I just don't know what else to say. Beautiful.

  11. I love the way the plaques are connected with matching photo and some words. I love too that Noah has Aaron's middle name. They are truly connected in every way. We are all so proud of you doing these unimaginable hard things. Love you. xxx

  12. They're beautiful. It's is still so hard to comprehend this all..xJess x

  13. Those plaques are absolutely beautiful lisa

  14. I've never seen headstones like this before. They are so very lovely. I'm glad you are able to have them - you all deserve something beautiful there.

  15. Lisa,
    you don't know me but I have been following your blog for so long. My heart aches for you and your boys. You are an amazing mother and wife and I admire you greatly!! Those plaqyes are so beautiful. I pray for you and your family often and hope that you continue to heal.

    Sending love and prayers,

    Calgary, AB Canada

  16. It all looks wonderful, and your words are perfect.


  17. I agree, just perfect.

  18. Hi Lisa. I am a fairly new reader to your blog, but I had to comment and tell you how much I admire you. I have lost a husband and a child (thru miscarriage at 5 months) and did not handle either with the grace that you present to the world. Thank you for sharing your blog and strength with us.

  19. The plaques are beautiful and a lovely tribute to your sweet Noah and beloved Aaron. Such a wonderful way to remember them both--their own pictures as well as the family together. Love it, and bless all of you.

  20. The plaques are beautiful :)

    I love the boys photos too, I keep taking photos when the grumpies start, we still love them even being big pests :)

  21. It's hard picking out plaques at the best of times but to have to organise two at the same time is unimaginable. I really love the way you have been able to put photos on them - especially the family picture. Would make family history so much easier and enjoyable if all grave markers had photos. Well done Lisa and boys for helping Mum out.

  22. Oh Wow Lisa. You have done an awesome job with the decisions you made with the plaques. So family focused and so gorgeous. I adore them. I am still so so sorry you had to go through this but am amazed and so inspired by your strength and courage. Looking forward to meeting you very soon. N x

  23. The plaques are beautiful. What a wonderful memorial!

  24. Lisa, you don't know me either, but I agree with everyone those plaques are beautiful and shows what a wonderful family you have. I am so sorry that you and your boys have had to go thru this. Aren't we grateful for the gospel in our lives.
    You continue to amaze me as you live you life for you boys.
    Take care and know that hundreds of people admire you.
    Nevada, USA

  25. They are truly beautiful sure did your boys poud....captured there in brass both the true essence of Aaron and Cheeky Noah...good job even though it took a mighty effort worth it.

  26. These are the most beautiful plaques I have seen. They have done a fantastic job.

  27. I agree with all of the above and really love the quote on Aaron's plaque - Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow.

    Thank you for your courage to share this with all of us xo

  28. Hello Lisa ... You have put together the most beautiful memorial plaques - the photos and words look amazing... I am so sad for you and your boys... You are a shining light for all who know you and read about you... God Bless... Naomi G.

  29. Lisa, they are absolutely perfect! You have done an awesome job. Love the photos as they really sum up what you love and the way you capture memories. Well done on such a difficult job :)

  30. Lisa - this post made me cry, not surprising since my tears flow freely these days. I love both of these and the words chosen seem to fit Aaron and Noah so well. My son was cremeated so I don't have anything like this - just a plain wooden box that sits on my side of our headboard.

    Thank you again for the info in the memory necklace, I will be placing an order soon.

    God Bless,

    Diane T

  31. wow, they both look absolutely beautiful!!!

  32. The plaques look amazing and are such a nice way to honour both Aaron and Noah. So glad you could get what you really wanted for both.

  33. Those are absolutely wonderful. I'm sure it's bittersweet, as you mentioned. You certainly did justice to both boys in your life. Gosh, you're a fantastic woman!

  34. Lisa in Seattle2 June 2012 at 04:01

    Those are the most beautiful plaques I have ever seen!
    So very perfect.
    You are such an inspiration to me. What lucky boys to have such an amazing mother.
    Thank you for sharing your story, your life, and helping me to have a desire to be better for my family.


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