Sunday, 6 May 2012

'Very Special'

Kobe had jumped out of the bath and I found him sitting in the nude, looking at this picture. I asked him what he was doing and he said 'looking at this picture of Jesus - it's very special'.  It was very cute and made me smile, on what is usually a hard day.

At the moment weekends are hard, especially Sundays. It's hard going to church and having so many memories of our whole family there together. It's hard seeing other families together.

It IS nice though to be able to have a laugh as I listen to Harri and Kobe as they play together every Sunday -

Kobe: "I'm going to kill you Harri!"

Harri: "Kobe that's not nice to say - especially on Sunday.   Heavenly Father and Jesus wouldn't want you to say that on Sunday and either would Daddy and Noah!".

They always makes me smile, even when they're about to 'kill' each other.  I guess it must be okay to kill each other every other day of the week.


  1. Kobe's comments are gorgeous, just beautiful. Weekends are hard when you feel like you aren't a whole family ..... I've had that feeling before. Hugs to you Lisa, thinking of you.

  2. I know it is tough going to church without you whole family. I went to church by my self for eight years and then got married and my husband worked on Sundays. It has just been the last six years that we have been able to go together. I know that it is not easy, just be grateful for you wonderful sons and friends that I know you have at church. Think of you each day and pray for you and the boys.
    As I read you blog, I realize what a strong individual you are. Heavenly Father knows what you are going thru and how you are suffering right now. He loves you and your family.

  3. Dear Lisa , I am so sad for you. But please know I admire your courage to come on Sundays and be there. Where Aaron would want you and his boys to be. Remember the Covenants you made mean you will be together always and this life is a short journey compared to forever. When Bro Terry left us Ifound it hard to go to church too. As the Covenant wasnt there for us. It was the hardest time of my life. When I remember back to that time, as I do when I read your words, I felt the pain you are feeling, and still do as I dont have that promise of having my family with me forever anymore. Please take comfort in it and know even though we seem not to care we are quietly watching your little family and wishing we could take your pain away and change things for you. We dont know what to say or do and we feel useless as we cant change it , but we want too. You have blessings in store, just like I have received. It will happen for you. Know you are loved and your boys are too. Quietly cheering for you and praying too. Jenni

  4. I love the things your kids come out with. This blog is going to be such a wonderful gift to them, they will be crying and laughing all at the same time as they read back on it and they will especially know what an awesome Mum they have. (I suspect though that they already know) xxx

  5. Dear Lisa, I know it is so hard for you to go to places that remind you, that a chunk of you is missing. But, I watched my Grandmother when Grandad died, and she continued going to church each week.
    I was so inspired by her love for God, and she gained strength through being with His family at a time when she would probably have preferred to stay in bed and dream of her beloved husband.
    You can rest safely in the knowledge that going to church is the right thing for you and your boys. I pray that all of you will feel God's love surrounding you and supporting you through the difficult days. God bless you all.

  6. my wonderful Sunbeam boy he loves his class and now i know how much he really does take in...
    Miss you Sunday Kobe ...Love you lots
    Sister Clark
    PS See you in two weeks!!!!!


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