Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hawks V Roos

Today we went to watch Hawthorn V North Melbourne at Aurora Stadium.  Mum came along too and we thought we should get a few photos before we left.  Dad was given my iPhone and these photos were the result!   I guess almost 60 year olds and iPhones don't mix :)

Then he couldn't work out which button to press to take the photo.

So I come in to help him.

and then he finally gets a half decent one except for Harri being a muppet! :)

Mum then attempted to get one, but instead of looking like a muppet, Harri looks drunk instead!

I was wondering how Kobe would go at the footy as he hadn't been for a while, and usually gets bored by the end of the first quarter, but he was so good the whole time and was really into the game.  Jalen is shocked that I didn't take my camera and was just using my phone to take photos! 

Aaron's Dad, Roxley came along with us.  He came to a great game as Buddy kicked 13 goals and they won by 115 points.  Aaron would've been going crazy if he were there.  I'm sure he was there in spirit. 

Kobe refusing to have his photo taken for the fiftieth time.

Instead he wanted to take photos of himself with Pa.

It was a fun afternoon and the best thing was that Jay actually really seemed to enjoy himself and had a smile on his face most of the afternoon.  Just as the game was ending there was an incredible sunset.  This isn't even edited and was just taken on my phone. I'm sure that Aaron and Noah had something to do with it.


  1. I've no doubt that the sunset - and Buddy's miraculous improvement in form - was somehow Aaron and Noah's doing. Your boys definitely would've loved seeing the Tassie team beat the imposters!

  2. Had a real belly laugh at the photos.
    I think we have all had better looking days.
    Absolutely fabulous game, and the sunset made it a perfect day.
    Aaron would have been out of his mind.
    Love Mum.

  3. What a great day out, and one that no doubt would have you feeling the presence of your Man and Noah more profoundly... such a beautiful sunset they sent you... Your dad's iPhone capabilities had me giggling, only it's the opposite for me, with my Mother taking more sky or ground then subject... Your Dad's were still blog-worthy ;o)
    Naomi G.

  4. That sunset is stunning, what a gorgeous photo. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Despite the fact that North Melbourne lost, my son's team, I'm always happy for you guys when Hawthorn win.

  5. Great day, and a beautiful ending to it!


  6. Hi! My name is also Lisa :-) and I'm over here in the US. Just wanted you to know a few things...first of all that you have the cutest boys! Also, I think about you and your family a lot and pray for you guys. I know you have talked about that Jay is having an especially hard time with everything so I just wanted you to know that I am especially praying for both you and him! I'm glad you all enjoyed the game so much. Take care and hold your head high :-)

  7. I love your strength. Don't you love community spirit. Where I live in Sydney, there has been a great deal of wonderful community spirit for this special little boy... if you get the chance have a look.

  8. I only found your story today. The sunset picture; if there's any doubt in anyone's mind that love transcends breaths we take... I think that this photo points toward eternal love. I am going to go upstairs, this minute, and hug the man I love and not let him go until I pray for patience and appreciation. Reading your blog to Noah, asking him to tell Aaron to forgive you for yelling at him to breathe again... it made me realize, I would have so many more times of yelling to apologize for if my love died today. I don't know how you've went on but I am so thankful you shared your story... whether for a family record or therapy... it has helped to reset me when I needed it the most. I spent months praying but not listening to the other end because I was afraid of what I would hear about the way I'm living... Tonight, your words forced me to hear it, see it, feel it... I wish I had more eloquent words to share. I will continue to think of you, likely for a very long time, and I hope that someday I can touch someone the way you touched me by sharing your story. You'll never know the impact it had on my life but I promise you, I won't waste this opportunity to go in a new direction. Bless you and your children, prayers sent from US - California.


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