Wednesday, 2 May 2012

One Direction Infection

A couple of years ago we had Bieber Fever in the house.  Kobe still has a love for Justin Bieber, but there is now a new disease in the house - Harri has 'One Direction Infection'.  He LOVES them so much and cracks me up with his cute singing as he listens to them flat out all day.   Half the time he gets the words right, and the other half he just makes up :)


  1. Go Harri....rock on. We have HUGE
    1D fever in the house my girls both got tickets for next year concerts and the teenager was in tears of hysteria about their recent visit. My Harry though just likes to stir his sisters about the boys.

  2. thats awesome, thats so funny he makes up some words haha. very cute

  3. I am a mum from New Zealand who has been following your blog. I just loved this video!!!! This is our story

    From Cath Uhlenberg

    P.S: You are an amazing family!!!!

  4. He is going to really roll his eyes at you when his is older for posting that. HAHA. The things we get to do as parents.

  5. So nice to see the old Harri is back, got to love the kid.
    Love Mum.

  6. What a cute guy he is.

    I've heard about that group. Seems like they are taking over the tween scene.


  7. LOL! The cuteness!

    My daughters too HUGE fans. Just hope they still are when they come to town (in a YEAR) as they too have tickets :)


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