Monday, 14 May 2012

Afternoon Naps

While going through some photos on the computer I came across a few that were taken back in November last year, after Noah had passed away.   I remember it being a really hard time and we were both exhausted all the time.  Aaron had gone back to work after having a month off after Noah died and he would literally walk in the door and then start crying, saying how hard it was to be at work when all he could think about was Noah. We were both so tired all the time.

We would often just lay down together while the boys occupied themselves and would doze off, waking up half an hour later or so in the sun.  It was nice to just lay down together and know the boys would let us have a little nap, as it was what we needed.  

One day Jay snapped a photo of us and I'm so glad now.  I'd give anything to have Aaron walk in the door after work, so we could lay down for a quick nanna nap before it was time to cook tea.


  1. that must be such a precious photo to keep, but hard to look at and understand why he isn't with you right now.
    Our time here on earth is but a little speck compared to the eternities! Always thinking of you Lisa xx

  2. All the little moments really are the most beautiful ones, you two love birds. I love this post! You need a little shed out the back to go and lie down in now so Kobe can't find you. (Maybe go sleep in his cubby!).

  3. I saw Aarons face and it felt like my heart stopped. I can't imagine what it is like for you,sweet brave lady jenny k

  4. beautiful picture!
    PS: i read here all the time, but i just sometime do not know what to say!

  5. How darling that Jay was moved to take that photo. It says a lot about how he feels for his parents.


  6. Sweet picture. My David loved naps--20 minutes every day. Love the picture of the two of you napping--so peaceful.

  7. I LOVE this picture!!! So beautiful.


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