Monday, 26 January 2009

Australia Day '09

Our Australia Day today consisted of the usual drive up to Bridport to spend the day at the beach.

Nothing better than hanging out with friends,

paddling in the water,

soaking up the sun,

snapping photos (Kelvin is just as bad as I am!),

and watching the usual shenanigans on the tube, with everyone trying to throw everyone else off!

It always ends up in someone getting injured. Poor Rob got this huge scratch when trying to get the women off the tube!

Jay and Harri loved having a turn on the tube- that was until Jay overbalanced and grabbed hold of Harri and they both went in and right under the water. Harri came up screaming 'I want to go home!!'. He settled down after about a minute.

Whenever Rob and Scott are around someone is bound to get thrown in the water. I dodged them many times by either having Kobe or Noah with me or having my camera around my neck! Bishop Corey hates the beach and especially the water. Everyone kept asking when he was going to go for a swim and supposedly he said when Noah did. I didn't hear him say it, but took Noah down to have a paddle in the waves. He was looking very nervous after that - wondering when he was going to be thrown in! Everyone decided that he wasn't a good option as he is on the lookout for a new counsellor at the moment! :)

Rob decided to take Una on, but soon gave up as no one else was silly enough to help him!

Of course no Australia day is complete without having a kick of the footy.

It was such a beautiful day - perfect weather and nice to hang out with friends as we celebrate this great country that we live in.


  1. Your boys are becoming beach bums! What a great way to spend Aussie Day!

  2. Looks like fun

    I spent my day cleaning the gutters of leaves and raking leaves up from my yard. exciting hey :)

  3. That looks like much better fun than last year. I love the pic of the seagulls.... now that is truly Australian!!

  4. nice photo of me falling out of the tube!!!!

  5. Looks like heaps of fun- so glad the weather was nice for it.

  6. I can't believe you won the cupcake contest!!!!
    Then again of course I can.
    Love Mum.

  7. What a great day - the weather looked just perfect!


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