Friday, 1 January 2010

NYE @ Bridport

With lots of friends from church staying up at Bridport all week, we thought we would take the opportunity to go back up to spend some more time at the beach and join in on their BBQ for New Years Eve. The weather this week has been amazing - it is a lot hotter in town than at Bridport, so we were glad to get out there yesterday afternoon where there was a nice cool breeze.

Kobe still wasn't keen on the beach, but coped a lot better than he did on Tuesday. He wouldn't move off the towel, but was seeing all the fun that Jalen was having climbing on the rocks and kept pointing over as he wanted to join him. I told him to go over, but he decided he wasn't game enough to move off the towel just yet.

Everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather and having fun just sitting around talking, or mucking around with the ball in the water.

Aaron thought he would try to coax Leia into the water a little bit faster than she had planned, but he forgot he was an old man and was outrun by her :)

Harri had a great time hanging out with everyone.

He was excited to see his friend Sarah, from school. They are happy they are both in the same class again next year.

I actually did brave the water and went in for a quick dip with Bonnie, before we headed up to Bayview, where everyone was staying. Lucky for us there were no photos taken of that! :)

The views up there are beautiful and it was such a nice night to sit out on the deck for the BBQ.

Kobe had a great time hanging out and watching what everyone was doing. He didn't want to stay on the deck long though, so most of the night I was chasing him around to make sure he was okay.

Felicity and Rob had arranged everything for the BBQ and there was SO much food including lots of yummy salads, meat, and also dessert.

Kobe cracked me up as he ran straight to the table as soon as they announced dessert and stood patiently waiting for some icecream.

The rest of the night was spent with everyone talking, playing together and just relaxing.

They had some music going and Kobe was so funny going up to the CD player and having a bit of a dance.

We were all very excited when the Hoedown Throwdown came on and moved onto the 'dancefloor' for a bit of a dance.

We weren't planning on staying till midnight and Kobe wanting to wander all night convinced us it was time to go just as it was getting dark. Before we left the boys had lots of fun having a turn of hitting the pinjata.

Just as we were about to leave there was a full moon rising right over the ocean. Bek and Sam were having a lovely 'deep and meaningful' while watching it.

The kids (and teenagers!) were having lots of fun with the glow sticks as we were leaving.

The boys didn't last long on the way home and all fell asleep pretty quickly - that is except for Noah, the party animal who sleeps all morning and stays awake all night!

At 12.15 am Noah was still wide awake and ready to party!


  1. That looks amazing! what a great spot and great peeps to share new yeas with!
    Love the 'aaron forgot he was an old man' comment!!

  2. I love Bridport - what a great place for New year's Eve! We hope you have a fantastic 2010! Oh, and GO HAWKS!

  3. Love your pics! It was a great night, glad you could come.

  4. Yay I have finally caught up on the posts, starting from Aaron's bday. The cake was very impressive. I love that pic of the burnt pier at Bridport. We left at about 10.30 last night so didn't quite make it to midnight. (he,he)

  5. I LOVE Bridport, we are heading up with the Bradburys for the first week of Feb camping... Happy New Year!!

  6. Looks like a fun arvo/evening! Love the old man comment. :)

  7. This looks like it was way fun!!! Happy New Year!!!


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