Monday, 30 November 2009

The Best Present

After a long week in hospital the Drs finally decided that Noah may need oxygen long term. I had been questioning them all week and asking if his scoliosis and long term lung damage may mean that he needed to use it more. On Friday morning his paediatrician came into see us and put the monitor on him. His sats were still at around 86% on room air, so he said that he would send up a respiratory Dr to talk to me about how oxygen long term would work.

All week Noah hadn't been bathed so I asked his nurse if we could bath him that morning. We gave him a bath and then thought it may be nice for him to get our of bed and sit up in his wheelchair for a while. The nurse said that she would get a portable oxygen tank so I could even take him out for a walk (we LOVE that nurse! She was the one who organised for us to get around $2000 of funding to get our ramps for our van).

We sat Noah up in his wheelchair and he looked quite comfortable and relaxed and went straight back to sleep. Mum came in to give me a break, so I left for a few hours to go to Pip's house for lunch to catch up with her and Bec. When I got back Mum said the respiratory Dr had come in and decided he didn't think oxygen would help. When I got up to the ward I asked his nurse what was going on and she said that the Dr came and took his sats on room air and they were up to 95%! She said they took blood gases and he had been on room air for a couple of hours and they were about to take his sats again to see what was going on. Low and behold they were above 93% again!! It seems that Noah's sats are a lot better when he is sitting up in his wheelchair. We had his hospital bed sat up a lot during the week, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.

The blood results came back as being 'ok' (not great, but not terrible) so we are now being referred to a respiratory Dr to see what they think needs to happen. In the meantime the Drs decided that because Noah's oxygen levels were between 93 and 99% on room air, he could go home with no oxygen - the best present ever!

We brought him home on Saturday morning and it was so nice to all be home together again. Everything was back to normal - Noah was yelling, Kobe was grizzling and the boys were arguing! :) Thanks Mum for all your help during the week. It would've been a lot more stressful without you helping with the boys.

We missed the Christmas parade as it was pouring with rain, and instead decided to get into the festive mood by putting our tree up. Kobe was fascinated with it all.

Kobe kept grabbing all the decorations and was so excited about them all. He found a little gold book decoration and sat there trying to read it!

It is so nice to all be home together again. The first night home we all slept like a log - including Noah! I don't usually get a full nights sleep every night but anything is a lot better than sleeping on a small uncomfortable sofa bed, with nurses coming in every hour or so. Hopefully now we can enjoy December with everyone being home and well.


  1. HORRAY...NOAH IS HOME... Welcome home Noah...nice to see you looking so well again and in your own enviroment...

  2. YAY! Must have been a challenging week. Glad you're all home now and that Noah's better.

  3. I'm so pleased everything's back to normal for you now Lisa. I felt such empathy for you and would love to have been there to give you breaks like your mum and others did. Your mum is such a legend. Love the photos - especially the one of Koby reading the Christmas decoration - Lol!!!

  4. Well I have caught up with my sleep, and over my mini nervous break-down lol
    I don't give those tree decorations much of a chance with the The Kobester.
    I just wrapped up all the grand-kids presents, and put up the tree ready for when every one comes for the family tea and putting up the decorations.
    Now that is be going to be bedlam, but it a good way I hope.
    Guess what?
    I miss the boys!!
    Love Mum.
    Raspberries for tea again. We should have a heap for Sunday.

  5. So glad that Noah is home and a lot better =D
    Love Kobe reading that little tag, he is looking sooo much older!

  6. Yay so glad your home!! Love the photos
    Just reading your Mum's comments, we have had a few raspberries here too but wishing the sun would come out some more so they would ripen and be sweeter :)

  7. That is THE best pressie and that Noah gave you another pressie of sleeping thru the night......woo hoo!!


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