Monday, 27 July 2009

Footy Trip

Last night Aaron came back from his school footy trip to Melbourne - very tired and very hairy, but he had a lot of fun. He looked exhausted as he came through the arrivals gate. I love seeing all the kids arrive back after their weekend to Melbourne. They all had a great time and were excited to tell their families about it.

I can't understand how he loves to deal with teenage kids every day, but he said gave them a LOT of warning last week that he wasn't going to be taking any crap from them while they were over there. He told them that they were all going to be there to have fun and enjoy themselves and that he and the other teachers wouldn't hesitate in sending one of them home early if they mucked up. He told them how stressful things are at home at the moment with Noah's broken leg and that he was sacrificing a lot in giving up a weekend to be with them and it must have sunken in as he said the weekend was great - in the four years he has gone it was the best group of kids so far.

The assistant principal went with them and she said it was the best school trip she had been on and was thanking Aaron last night for such a well organised trip. It's nice when you hear how much all his effort pays off. I couldn't think of anything more stressful than taking a group of 30 teenagers to Melbourne, but Aaron had a great time. He even shared a room with three of the guys - not that you could pick him out as being the teacher - he fits right in with the students!

It was a big weekend of lots of shopping, and sight seeing. This year they went to the aquarium again.

and of course the main reason they go is to watch three games of footy in three days!

Aaron loved seeing lots of players at the MCG watching the different games.

He tells me he isn't going to go again next year, but we will see. He will be the grade 7 grade leader next year which means he won't have much to do with the grade 9s and 10s, so he is keen to have a break from it.

As we were leaving the airport he had heaps of students come up and thank him for a great weekend. Last night as we were about to go to sleep he got a text from student saying thanks for everything he did to organise the trip. It's nice to know that they appreciated it. Even though it was a fun weekend it is still a very tiring weekend for the teachers and can be stressful to be in charge of that many kids in the middle of Melbourne. It is also a big sacrifice for the families who are back at home without their husband, Dad, wife or Mum so it's nice to know that they appreciated it.


  1. I love the photo with Richo. Go the Mighty Tigers!!!


  2. What a great trip! Good on you Aaron for you passion (and your patience) with all those teens!

  3. Well what is it that they say..."Behind every good man is and even better woman"... and "the man is the head but the woman is the neck"...(she turns the head) hee he
    seriously Aaron.... looks like the kids had fun..good job.

  4. For someone who claims to not like being blogged about so much, it sure looks like he enjoyed taking photos of himself for just that purpose!!! Or was he under strict instructions???
    Seriously though, he's a great teacher to do that. You must be very proud of him.

  5. LOL Fiona - yes he was under VERY strict instructions - 'take lots of photos and make sure you are in them!!!!'. Not sure about being proud - stressed and wishing he was home maybe! ;) Nah - I'm glad he got to go away and that he had gets to have some fun with his students, rather than just in class teaching all the time.

  6. It is great that he does this with his students. Matt is a bit the same and you're right; it is great for the kids, but it wouldn't be possible without the supportive, self sacraficing 'good woman'!


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