Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Yes or No?

Kobe has had a cold on and off now for a month. Some days he has been miserable and other days he has been okay. Today he was back to his old self. It was so nice to have the really fun, happy Kobe back.

He is so funny. If we ask him a question he will either nod or shake his head in response. Because we laugh he cracks up laughing too. Usually it's 'do you love me Kobe?', or 'are you a good boy, Kobe?'. Often we get the shake of the head for 'no', which he knows is going to crack us up. He will even crawl towards something that he knows he shouldn't, and will start shaking his head 'no' as he does it, as he knows that is what I'm going to say to him.

Tonight at tea time we asked him 'do you want to have a birthday party soon, Kobe?' (can't believe he is almost one already!) and he shakes his head 'no'. We then asked 'do you want some presents?' and he straight away nodded 'yes'. When we asked if he wanted cake he also nodded 'yes'. It was like he knew what we were saying, but I doubt he really did. This was him being cheeky in the bath tonight (photography by Jalen!).


  1. How cute is the last photo?! He looks like he could be on one of those funny birthday cards! It's funny when they shake their heads when they know you won't approve. Maddi would often say "no!" from the otherside of the house,and it was a giveaway that she was up to trouble.

  2. Love his smiley eyes.
    Love Mum.

  3. cute pics, I see Jalen is taking after his mom with the camera.

  4. He'll be a heart breaker when he's older, he's so gorgeous!

  5. Kobe is a cutie with the personality to match!
    Nice photos Jay!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I love catching up on your blog!

    Can't believe Kobe is going to be one so soon!

    Persia shakes her head too - it's so funny. Aren't our bubba's lovely :-)

    x Holly

  7. His personality just shines through in all the pictures of him. He's gorgeous!!


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