Friday, 29 May 2009

Fun at the Pool

Today a few of us thought we would skip the gym and take the kids (who aren't at school) to Launceston Aquatic before it gets busy next week with school holidays. Harri was rubbing it into Jay that he was going while he was at school, but we promised Jay that we will be going a number of times over the holidays.

It was fun being up there with all the Mum's and kids and watching the kids faces as the bucket would dump on them over and over again.

We had a nice time just sitting around in the warm water, talking and watching the kids play.

I did go down the red tunnel slide a few times which was lots of fun - until I took Kobe down and as soon as we hit the bottom of the tunnel and came out, the big bucket dumped straight on top of us!! Kobe wasn't very impressed. He did enjoy it a lot faster this time though. Hopefully next time we go he will be ready to get in with no tears. It's all a bit overwhelming at first with all the noise and kids running around.

He had lots of plays with Jacquie while I was snapping a few photos and had a turn under the bucket. Callum was so cute giving him kisses.

I can see a lot more trips up there with the little kids. We feel really lucky to have such a great place to go summer or winter.


  1. Lisa that place looks like lots of fun and you can tell the kids had a wonderful time.

  2. Fun! I'm glad summer is here. I'm ready for a swim.

  3. Looks like you guys choose the right time to go to the pool. I took Will to suss it out about 1 and their was far too many people their. They hada few school groups which made it not as good as William was a little scared of the bigger kids. The little ones look like they had heaps of fun.

  4. Looks like heaps of fun, would have loved to have come with Darcy but I worked this morning.

  5. We'll be there the second week of the holidays!

  6. i thought i said only pictures of the children!!!!!!!!! took phebe and eliza on sat morning and got our 10 visit pass


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