Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Being The Oldest

Jay has commented to me after the last couple of family get together's, that it isn't always fun when we get together as he has no one to play with. As he is the oldest grandchild it means he is the one who has to be responsible and help out with the younger kids. The closest to his age is Noah, but since he is like a baby himself Jay feels like he is often on his own while all the little ones play together.

I often remind him of all the good things about being the oldest in the family - you get to stay up later, you get to hang out with the adults more and do 'big' people things and I also remind him that it won't like this because as they get older you won't notice that there is such an age difference. Looking back at my childhood now, I also remember thinking there were lots of little cousins who seemed a lot younger than me, but now these 'little' cousins are some of my greatest friends.

On Sunday night we had a very spur of the moment family tea. The boys were very excited to go out to Grandma and Grandpa's. The cutest thing was seeing Jay with the girls. They were sitting up at the bench while Mum was finishing off cooking tea. They all thought it would be fun to bang on the bench. Jalen decided that he would help Grandma out by getting them to be a bit quieter, and told them they were going to play a game of 'who can be the quietest'. Check out their funny faces.

Maddi was pulling some hilarious faces.

Jay loves his cousins even though they are a lot younger than he is, and is like a big brother to them. It's lovely to see how he is with them.

When we were little Mum used to ring a bell when tea was ready. I guess it was because our house was so big and we were always everywhere, that Mum got sick of yelling out to us, so she started using a bell. Jay thought it was great being the 'bell ringer' on Sunday night to let us all know that tea was ready. See Jay - there really are some privileges to being the oldest in the family!


  1. The girls are very cute. I'm sure they all look up to Jay now and will continue to as they grow up. Perhaps they'll send some of their friends his way when they are all older.

  2. I'm the oldest too! It's hard, and it's awesome, never both at once! ;)

    Jay is a great big brother. :D

    Even if he did threaten to poison me, today.

  3. minus the comma. Even if he did threaten to poison me today! Agh. Exhaustion kicking in!

    Oh, and hey, thanks a million. You know what for. BBE.

  4. Oh Jay ...i think you are the most awesome boy ever... even if you do barrack for the wrong team....there is always the up side to being the oldest and the first grandchild...you can claim all the hugs when everyone else has gone to bed...

  5. What a lovely big brother and cousin you are Jalen!

  6. Jalen is the best cousin ever! Well that's what Maddi thinks.I think he's a wonderful nephew.


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