Thursday, 28 May 2009

Newstead's Biggest Morning Tea

On Tuesday Bec hosted a 'biggest morning tea' to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Lucky I went to the gym beforehand as there was lots of yummy food. I'm sure I ate a lot more calories than I burnt off!

It was nice to catch up with everyone and also to do it for something so worthwhile (naughty Bec being so rude with Tara's biscuits she made! ;D

Kobe thought it was pretty good too!! We love the days when all the boys are at school - morning tea with the girls, meeting at the park..... what a life! :D


  1. At Newstead eh??? I was doing some deliveries there on Tuesday morning, Drats I missed out on a yummy feed

  2. Kobe's smile in the last pic is SO cute...very hard to stay on diet with so many yummy food opportunities hey!! are you pinking this weekend??


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