Saturday, 30 May 2009

80s Dance

Last night we held an 8os dance for the youth at church, which Sarah, Toni and I had organised. Sarah had made an awesome flyer for it, and we had been hanging out to pull out the 80s songs and clothes.

Aaron was MC for the night and was loving his mullet wig.

Kobe wasn't impressed at all with the mullet and screamed when he put it on.

Sarah and I were looking particularly hot in our hot pink tights (in our own opinions of course!).

Aaron and Sarah did a great job of DJing and MCing, while I ran the photo booth and organised supper.

Aaron had them playing a few different games throughout the night.

Everyone went to such a good effort to dress up. I have to admit that there were a number of dresses that looked exactly like my old leavers dinner dress - just in different colours! Levi and Louise looked excellent.

It was fun to have our first dance as Stake Young Women's and we were sad that Toni was too sick to come. Her baby is due this week so are hoping she feels better soon - especially before her new bub arrives.


  1. Looks like great fun! Lisa you look so young in that photo - must be going back to the 80's that does it for you (not that you look old usually)!!!

  2. Man i was back there for a looked like super charged fun to me....Sarah love the crimped hair.... you two were hot in those pink tights.....

  3. Man, it's a wonder anyone got married back in the 80s.
    I think Kobe was still freaked out, by the mullet,as he wasn't going to bed without a fight.
    Love Mum.

  4. Oh what a blast from the past. It made me feel old when Louise showed me her outfit and asked me for my advice on whether her dress would look 80ish enough for the dance that night. To think that she would think that I would know!! Arrgh!!

  5. Your not that old are you Simone? Looks like a fun dance

  6. Looks like heaps of fun sad I missed out! (Tripple booked had people for tea, had to drop off Christies car at the airport at 10pm and the dance! Hope to be at the next 1 up north (It makes it hard with a baby too :( Everyone looks fantastic too! I love the pink leggings - mum used to have some of those. Stylin'

  7. classic! great invite, great clothes... would have loved to peek in for a squizz.

  8. Hey Lisa love the family pics by Fiona especially the one of Jay!


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