Monday, 18 May 2009


On Saturday I convinced Harri that it was time he started learning how to ride his 'big bike' better. He never wants to ride it even though it has training wheels, and much prefers to just ride his old trike that he has used since he was two! I told him that we could go to the park and have some fun as well (as he was sure that the bike riding wasn't going to be much fun at all!), and that convinced him to give it a go.

There were so many leaves on the ground in the park - the boys went crazy playing with them and they were great for taking photos of. There was a wedding in the park at the same time and there was a professional photographer there for it, who had the biggest lens on her camera I had ever seen. I saw her snapping away at the boys playing in the leaves and would've loved to have seen how they turned out.

On the way over to the monkeys we had to stop and play checkers. Jalen was getting very impatient with Harri who had no clue how to play. Jay sometimes finds it very hard having a little brother who is 5 years younger than him, but wants to be just like him. In the end he just didn't worry about the rules and let Harri do what he wanted - as he was going to anyway!

There were heaps of monkeys out and they were all sitting up on the top of the rocks together. I think they were trying to find the warmest spot in the sun, as it was a very cool afternoon.

We ran into the Rattray girls who were out taking photos for the Jetstar photo competition. Hopefully they will win and take me away on a big holiday! ;)

The leaves in the park look so beautiful at the moment.

The tree at the front of our house has finally lost all of its leaves which is good as I don't have to clean it up anymore, but it also reminds me that winter is just around the corner. It won't be long until all of these leaves have fallen as well.


  1. the pictures of the boys in the leaves turned out so nice.
    Hard to believe it is fall there when we have temps over 100 here.

  2. That last photo is beautiful!

    I wonder who the wedding photographer was - she should have shown you the photos!

    I always get sad when Autumn ends, and when it's warm like today it almost tricks you into thinking it's Spring!

  3. I can't believe that you have to bribe Harri to ride his bike :)
    The autumn leaves make a nice background for the photos of your two cute cheeky monkeys. Chloe just saw the pictures of Harri and is now pestering Eden "To go to Harri's house to play, now."

  4. Those Autumn leaves are just gorgeous. Looked like the boys were having lots of fun... i remember doing the same as kids.

  5. The park looks beautiful, and am really noticing how long and lancky Jae is getting (just like you at that age)
    Poor Jae, it wouldn't have been any better for him if I was there as I haven't got a clue on how to play chess.
    I,m really looking foward to baby-sitting them this week.
    Love Mum.

  6. Hi Lisa
    LOVE your photos and you're getting really good..Now that I am getting back into a normal routine again, I am going to start to take more photos..all those lessons I got from Mike have to be worth the while and the money hey..
    Anyway, great photos..


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