Tuesday, 5 May 2009


We are lucky to have a huge big tree at the front of our place - lucky in Summer as it gives us a lot of shade and helps keep two of the bedrooms cool. However we are not lucky in Autumn, as it drops a LOT of leaves on our front lawn - for weeks!

One year I refused to rake the leaves up and our poor lawn didn't cope at all and totally died. I learned my lesson that year, and now I know I can't leave the leaves for too long before the lawn will start to suffer. The last couple of years I have raked and raked and totally cleared the lawn of leaves, and then just a few days later it is totally covered again. After school I bribed the boys to rake the leaves up for me (they will do just about anything for some money for the corner shop!).

Harri surprised me and actually did a pretty good job.

Of course half the fun is throwing the leaves around.

Kobe wasn't too sure about sitting in a pile of scratchy leaves, but soon started to enjoy it.

All the people walking past our house had a little chuckle at him sitting in a pile of leaves. He wouldn't move at all and sat for ages just watching the boys.

Guess it will be a few days and we will be doing it all over again. I can't wait until the tree is totally bare. I hate the look of it, but at least we won't have to keep raking leaves up. Bring on spring!!!!


  1. Good to see Kobe back to his old cute self.
    I hate those leaves. Our whole dashboard was covered with them Sunday night, and some were still there when we got home.
    Love Mum.
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    (Papparazi Pro)

  2. SO cute. Definitely glad to see the Kobester smiling as usual!

    Look at the Pintara in the background, shining in the sun! Aww. Little car. :D

    Great pics, photographer. :D

  3. Can that boy get any cuter?! I think the leaf fights are about the only decent thing about Autumn. Bring back Summer, I say!

  4. That last pic def should be blown up and put on display. It is awesome? Is this the same tree that you take a photo out the front of at the same time each yr?

  5. Simone - no different tree. The other tree is lots smaller.

  6. that last photo of kobe is beautiful...so cute. hope you're all well now.

  7. I love leaves and raking them up, but them jumping in the big pile, tell the boys to have them raked up for me, for when I come over

  8. Hello Sister King,
    I am Cindy Paskett the Primary President in Oregon, that wanted to start a pen pal with your Primary! I heard you have gotten released and sent to YW! Congratulations!!
    I just would like to ask you if you could let me know who the president is now So I can get an address to send these letters to. Our kids were so excited!! Thanks!! for being the in between!!1 ~Cindy
    my e-mail is paskettcase3@yahoo.com


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