Thursday, 21 May 2009

Enjoying Autumn

We are having the best Autumn days in Tassie at the moment. I have no idea why Chrish wants to head 'home' to Sydney in a couple of weeks! The nights are cool, but we are having such beautiful sunny days. Today was one of those days, and the perfect day to meet the girls and kids at the park.

Lynne is such a great Mum and her boys are so cute.

Joel has the cutest chubby cheeks that you just want to pinch.

Annie was loving the slide. It's amazing how fast kids grow and change at this age.

Kobe loved just being out in the fresh air. He really is an outdoors boy and would love just being out all day if I let him.


  1. Little Joel has the bluest of eyes. He is SO gorgeous. That last pic makes me laugh. Those 2 balls look like boobs!! :)

  2. Isn't this weather beautiful? Hope it stays like this for Saturday - don't fancy cueing up in the rain at the aquatic centre!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos of my boys Lisa. Although from the look of that photo of Kobe, do you think he wants to start breastfeeding again??? ha ha

  4. I was thinking the same as Kylie.....rude!
    Kobe looks drugged out.
    Love Mum.

  5. haha! everyone has the same "boob" related thoughts - i was about to type the same thing!


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