Wednesday, 27 May 2009


The boys LOVE it when they know that Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit. Last Friday when Aaron and I went to the Aquatic Centre gala opening, Mum came and babysat for us and stayed the night. The boys loved waking up to Grandma asleep in the lounge room and jumped into bed with her.

Tonight I told the boys that Grandpa was coming in to bring us 'our cow'. A while ago we bought half a cow together with Eden and Steph and have been waiting for it to get nice and fat so it could go in our freezer :) The boys were excited when he arrived and Harri straight away asked 'where's Grandma!!?'. Mum is babysitting again this Friday night, so I'm sure she's getting her strength up before she comes in again!

Dad decided to join in with the boys as they had their treat before bed. Kobe looked so cute sitting up next to him having his icecream (mostly cone and a little bit of icecream - he thinks he is so good eating something just like his big brothers!).


  1. I;m looking foward to seeing the boys.
    Tell Jae, I hope he is ready for round two of Monolopy.
    Of course he will whip my butt!!
    Love Mum.

  2. a sitter 2 Fridays in a row! Lucky you!

  3. so sweet, you can tell they love their grandparents

  4. Love the PJ's Lorraine, and Jalen's are the same as Paddy's - again!

  5. Grandparents really are the best! Kobe really is growing up - what a cutie!


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