Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mother's Day Morning Tea

Every year at the boys school they do some fundraising with a Mother's Day stall. Usually it sells small things ranging from $2 - $5 like soaps, bath bombs, chocolates etc. This year the fundraising committee decided to do something different and arranged a 'Mother's Day Morning Tea'. There were 6 different morning tea's held over two days, and you put your name down for a certain time. It cost $5 for any adults who came and was free for the kids. The $5 gave you a plate of morning tea, a hot drink and cup cakes for the kids.

The boys loved getting out of class to come and have morning tea with me. While they were there, they could make book marks and have them laminated for their Mum and Grandma's (Mum - look out for your extra special one from Harri!)

We were there for about half an hour, and Jay looks out the window and saw his class who were out for P.E. He says 'oh look, there's my class out for P.E.' and I could tell he wanted to go. I asked him if he wanted to go and he said 'oh no, it's okay Mum - I'll stay'. It made me laugh as I could tell he really wanted to go and was trying to do the right thing by spending time with me for Mother's Day. I told him I was going to go in a couple of minutes anyway and he then seemed relieved and said 'oh well, if you are going to go anyway, then I might go'. He was happy when I told him it was okay and I wouldn't be sad if he went. He is a good boy. It's nice to know he was thinking of my feelings before he decided to run off and join in with his friends. I don't think Harri would've been quite as considerate!

It was nice to spend the morning with all four boys together. Now that Noah isn't at Punchbowl as much we don't often get to do things all together during school time.


  1. That's all I meant when I said that you've got your hands full; that you quite literally have your hands full! (like in the last picture)

    Sounds like a really cool Mothers' Day idea! Hope you had a good time!

  2. what a lovely special idea ...i just love that picture of you and your special is it that jalen is so considerate of you so early in his life...."taught by goodly parents"...pretty good teaching by example there Aaron...especially for a Hawks supporter

  3. That's a great idea! I love that photo - has Jalen grown again???

  4. Now here I was thinking you would give poor Jae the big guilt trip.
    That's a lovely idea for morning tea, and you could be together with the boys.
    I'm waiting with great excitement, for my pressie from Harri.
    Love Mum.


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