Saturday, 23 May 2009

Awesome Aquatic

This afternoon we were very lucky to be able to take the boys to Launceston Aquatic for a free three hour swim before the real opening day on Monday. It was great as it wasn't totally packed out and we could really enjoy it. We knew the boys were going to love it, but it was great seeing their reactions when we walked in. Harri just stood there with his mouth wide open and yelled 'oh my goodness!!!!!'. We were keen to go on the outdoor slide before the afternoon cooled down too much, but there was no way that the boys were being dragged away from the adventure playground with dumping bucket. They loved it!

The great thing about the new pools is that the boys are just so happy to play together, and it's shallow enough that you don't have to worry about them. Half the time we didn't even see them as they were off running around together.

There are lots of interactive water features which the boys loved.

When we first got there Kobe totally freaked out! Between the noise of the bell letting you know that the bucket is about to tip and all the high pitched screaming that came as the bucket is dumping its water, he was really scared. He kept clinging onto us really hard and didn't want to go in the water. He loves his bath, so we thought he would love the water as well.

It probably only took Kobe half an hour to settle down and start enjoying the water. By the end of the afternoon he wasn't phased at all by the ringing of the bell, the screams or the dumping of the water.

We were actually quite pleasantly surprised with how warm the water was in all of the pools, even the outdoor ones. It was great as it meant we could put Noah in as well.

He hasn't been swimming at school for a while, so it was good to be able to do a bit of physio therapy while we were in the hydrotherapy pool.

At the end of the hydrotherapy pool is a spa which was extra warm. The boys weren't allowed to get into the bigger spa as you have to be over 16 years to get in, but they loved getting in the one with us.

Aaron got into the main spa and said it was really warm, and that it was nice to look out and see the view.

The boys were finally okay to leave the kids play area for a while and we went and tested out the slide.

Even though it looked really short it was actually really good as it had lots of turns which made you go really fast.

Aaron had to do a bomb off the big diving board before we went back inside.

It was nice to have Noah so happy and settled today. We are thinking that we will be going quite regularly and are going to buy a 10 family pass, so hopefully he will be just as happy next time we go.

We had an awesome afternoon, and can't wait to take the boys back again. We are so glad we have such a great facility (finally!) in Launceston. Before we used to look forward to going to Hobart to the Aquatic Centre whenever we went to Hobart, and always thought that it was great. The boys think this one is even better and Jay gave it a '10 out of 10' and even said 'it's like we have our own theme park here now!'. I don't know whether it was as good as a theme park, but we loved it and I know what they will be asking to do every Saturday from now on!


  1. So glad you had a good time and that Kobe liked it. Aaron looks like he liked it and he's in a country club. It's great for noah too.

    love Mum xxx

  2. Man you guys will be signing autographs soon....with the last post and this one i think you deserved every minute of glad the boys were able to enjoy such a great venue...mmm with that super warm spa i just might be tempted to come with you one day Lisa....

  3. It's fantastic isn't it? I'm glad that Noah enjoyed it - finally somewhere suitable for the whole family!

    Love that last photo!

  4. It looks great. We might have to make a visit before or after Kobe's party. The only thing that turns me off is feeling the cold after you get out. Hopefully they have nice hot showers.

  5. Noah looks so relaxed! I'm so glad that he was able to go for a swim! :D

    That place looks freakin' awesome! Can't wait to see it in person.

    Looks like Jesus is in the background behind Aaron, Kobe, and Jay in that last one! ;) Walking on water, perhaps?

  6. such an neat place and looks like the boys had a great time.

  7. i wish i lived in the launceston council instead of west tamar!!!!!!!!
    Cant wait to go in the school holidays

  8. Wow that place looks so cool!!! you guys will be there a lot by the looks of your boys faces... maybe you should invest in some shares???


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